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Kung-Fu Fighter #2

Kung Fu Fighter #2

Kung-Fu Fighter #2, July 1975, art by Alan Weiss

Elektra Saga cover - Frank Miller

Elektra Saga Frank Miller cover

More Elektra

Savage Tales - Neal Adams' Conan

Savage Tales cover by Neal Adams

"More savage than ever"

Marilyn Monroe - Don't Bother To Knock

Marilyn Monroe Don't Bother to Knock

Steve Ditko

Ditko Detective Comics 1980 Odd Man

A Steve Ditko page from Detective Comics #487, DC Comics, Jan 1980 cover date. Click to enlarge.

October 2009 Top Selling Comics

IGN.COM has a page with sales figures for October 2009. The big contest is between Marvel's Captain America Reborn and DC's Blackest Night. Nary a single sign of Snot Slinger#1:

    1. Blackest Night #4
    2. Batman and Robin #5
    3. Green Lantern #47
    4. Blackest Night: Batman #3
    5. Green Lantern Corps #41
    6. Blackest Night: Superman #3
    7. New Avengers #58
    8. Dark Avengers #10
    9. Uncanny X-Men #516
    10. Amazing Spider-Man #608

Wally Wood 1953

Wally Wood Self Portrait

Wally Wood 1953 Self-Portrait

Nestor Redondo "Black Orchid"

Black Orchid

Nestor Redondo "Black Orchid": page from 1974

More Black Orchid

Elvis and Nixon Two Legends Together

Updated: Elvis and Nixon Together

Elvis and Nixon together at last
Photo: Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon at the White House, 1970


John Bolton Werewolf
John Bolton page from his 1978 "Curse of the Werewolf" adaptation published in Hammer's House of Horror #1, March 1978.

Click to Enlarge.

More John Bolton

John Bolton

John Bolton

John Bolton artwork from "The Well" which appeared in 1982 Twisted Tales #4 from Pacific Comics

Page A John Bolton's adaptation of the Curse of the Werewolf Hammer movie.

Page B from John Bolton's adaptation of the Curse of the Werewolf Hammer movie.

Karloff the Uncanny

Boris Karloff

Karloff and Lugosi, Son of Frankenstein

Karloff and Lugosi

More Frankenstein

The Omega Men issue 27 cover

The Omega Men issue 27

Witchblade #133

Witchblade 133 Cover


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