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Detective Comics #1

Vin Sullivan Detective Comics #1

There's not exactly a lot of these floating around: Detective Comics #1 from 1937. This is the comic from which DC Comics has taken it's name. The issue introduces the Slam Bradley character by Seigel and Shuster.

Record Setting Comics Book Sales

2014 - Action Comics #1 ebay auctions for $3.2 million

2013 - Dark Knight Returns cover #2 art $478,000

2013 - Batman No 1 - Auctions for $565,525

2012 - "Billy Wright" Detective Comics #27 sells for $523,000

2011 - Dark Knight Returns #3 splash page sells for $448,125

2010 - Detective Comics #27 goes for $1,075,500 USD

2010 - Weird Science-Fantasy #29 cover art sells for $380,000 USD

2009 - Detective Comics number #1 auctions for $17,000 USD

Plight of Comic Book Writer Steve Perry

Tom Spurgeon has an overview on the dilemma of comic book writer Steve Perry who is near destitute and suffering terminal cancer. Spurgeon lists ThunderCats and Time Spirits as two books Perry worked on.

Supergirl #54 - Cover by Shane Davis

Shane Davis art - Supergirl 54


Ignatz the Mouse
The Ignatz Award nominees for Small Press Comics 2009 is now out. Click for more.

Sales Down Across Board for DC & Marvel [2009]

Saw this via ComicsReporter over at

"Marvel and DC, our big 2, have had to notice the decline in sales over the last six months. Overall, the trend has been steadily downward even when accounting for occasional small percentage increases."

In reference to that is this older New York Times piece about the jumping prices of the superhero books:

"Superheroes may have finally found the one force they cannot defeat: the high cost of living.
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Comic book fans started to feel the pinch in January, when Marvel Entertainment began raising prices on a handful of its top-selling comics from $2.99 to $3.99. DC Comics, which is owned by Time Warner, will follow suit in June, with a small twist. The comics that the company increases to $3.99 will incorporate extra pages in the form of a backup feature."

Complaints about the cover price increase outpacing inflation do not take into consideration several important factors. One is that paper costs traditionally increase every single quarter, thus printing costs overall go up month-to-month. Another is that commercial print sales have been dropping regularly, creating stronger pressures for printers to squeeze existing sales toward better profits - - i.e., larger bills to the customer.

Certainly Marvel and DC sign contracts with their printers to hold costs for a set amount of time (I believe Canada is where most color pamphlet comics are printed these days), but with fuel costs going up and inflation in general, along with the factors I already mentioned, those printers will be jumping pricing to their customers across the board, leaving them with no option accept to jump up their cover prices too. I am seeing this in my own business with graphic design clients for brochures and other paper collateral.

The unfortunate result will be decreased sales for many comic books. I do not believe that the buying power of the comic book aficionado is increasing along with these price increases; hence the inevitable downward push on sales.

Mickey and Minnie - platform

Disney Castle

See photo enlarged.

Greek Comics - Miky Mouse

Miky Mouse Greek Disney

Mickey Mouse Comics in the Greek Language Miky #119 from 1977. Also see an interior black and white page featuring Goofy

Mike Sekowsky Art 1970 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Sekowsky

Mike Sekowsky script/art from Wonder Woman #191. Click to Enlarge

More Wonder Woman Comics

Darwyn Cooke Batman

Darwyn Cooke Batman
Darwyn Cooke page from Batman Black and White. Click to Enlarge

Batman CheeriosBatman the product, the phenomenon, the Cheerio Box puppet.

About the character and it's origin, its movie popularity ($1.1 Billion USD) and its longevity. But mainly how it corresponds to economic aspects of life; collapse and so forth. About ideas of wealth and its responsibilities, and dressing like a bat and punching people out (who usually seem to need it badly).

Vaguely related: Jack Kirby's Captain America Shorts

Marvel bought by Disney CoDisney Company buying Marvel Comics

For approximately $4 billion USD (cash and stock), Disney is acquiring Marvel Entertainment, Inc. They're getting about 5,000 characters, according to news reports. Marvel had a reported profit of $206 million USD last year, with an actual revenue of $676 million USD. Disney picked up Pixar studios in 2006 for $7.4 billion USD. Chief competitor DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros.

Read more about Disney buying Marvel Comics

Freedom Fighters 9

Nick Cardy

Superboy 194

Mother - - Dad! Please help me! Superboy 194 Cover enlarged.

Superboy has transformed into one of cover artist Nick Cardy's specialties - mermen!


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman