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Batgirl by Matt Haley and Tom Simmons

From Elseworlds Finest: Batgirl and Supergirl September 1998

Elseworlds Batgirl

See: World's Finest Comics

More Comic Book Batgirl

Joe Shuster art - Superman #7 Cover Art

Issue 7 Superman art by Joe Shuster Cover

Nov-Dec 1940 Issue. Wayne Boring inks. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.


Marilyn Monroe

Not Exactly Opium of the Masses

Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter has a story about a meth operation using comic book collecting as a cover to launder money and move the drug across state lines:

"Unsealed records indicate a massive methamphetamine network bringing the drug into Colorado from Phoenix that was busted on August 14 used collectible comic books as a way to launder the money.

...As for the comics angle, the police reported a half-million "at least" in comic books were seized, although how they arrived at that figure I have no idea."

Batgirl - Batman Family number 6 1976 - Jose Delbo art - vince colletta

More Batman Family #6

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Diamond Distributors

Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter tells of how Diamond Distributors, which has a stranglehold on comic book distribution throughout the USA, will suspend shipping out books for the week of Dec 28 as it too closely coincides with Christmas holidays. Spurgeon finds all kinds of problems with this, all of which make sense, and he doesn't once have to bring up Diamonds monopoly to flesh out his list.

Batgirl 1970

Pencils by Gil Kane and inks by Frank Giacola

From Detective Comics #405, November 1970

Batgirl Gil Kane DC Comics 1970

More Gil Kane

More Comic Book Batgirl

Comic Book Personality Test

The online comic book personality test. Personality tests seem to be somewhat like a combination of actuary table statistics and astrology. The idea behind this online test is to match your personality traits against those of various famous comic book characters.

Periodic Table of Comics

The site presents the periodic table of elements via comic books. An interesting way to organize the elements into a familiar frame of reference.

Marvel Comics Anniversary

Marvel Comics has hit number 70 anniversary years today (August 11, 2009) and is celebrating itself in various ways. You can read of it at the marvel web site: Marvel 70.

But with anything Marvel, I think of Jack Kirby and it makes such events sour.

John Ostrander

Long-time comic writer John Ostrander is battling glaucoma which has severly damaged his eyesight. Fans are encourage to help the effort to fund his medical costs at Comix-4-Sight


Foto strip of 5 shots of large, beautiful muddy trucks plowing through deep water and goo.

Large Muddy Truck

Click to enlarge.

Cover Redraw

Matthew Allison Matthew Allison Batman
The covered blogsite has a running gallery of comic book covers redrawn by contemporary artists. (Thanks to Rick Bradford's poopsheet for the notice) The gallery is a fascinating mixture of styles and covers re-imaged (sometimes imitative, sometimes wildly different). The artwork by Matthew Allison really stood out to me.

Kurtzman Book

Harvey Kurtzman Mad #1

Kurtzman Mad Magazine issue 1

Author Paul Buhle talks about his book on Harvey Kurtzman with Tablet Online Magazine.

More EC Comics

More Harvey Kurtzman

More Mad

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

That Salty Air

That Salty Air by Tim Sievert

Above: A page from the Tim Sievert authored parable/adventure tale That Salty Air.

Click to Enlarge.

Batgirl by Gil Kane, January 1971

Story by Frank Robbins, from "One Of Our Landmarks is Missing!"
Inks by Vince Colletta

Batgirl from Detective Comics 1971

More Comic Book Batgirl

Jim Lee Google

The Jim Lee designed Google theme for the San Diego Comic Convention 2009.

Previously unknown Michelangleo Self-Portrait found in restored Vatican painting - Michelangelo

Bill Harvey Danger World

Bill Harvey Dangerworld

View entire page

Bill Harvey has just self-published DangerWorld. The Kirby influence is pretty intense. He has sample pages at his site -

Old Man Winter

Yost Old Man Winter Book

Above: Panels from the Xeric Award-Winning anthology "Old Man Winter and Other Sordid Tales" by J. T. Yost. Read a review of the book here.

Read about Yost's 2012 Digestate food and comics anthology.

[Below] John Matos Art Print "Wolverine" - Click to enlarge.


Batgirl by Don Heck

Don Heck Batgirl

More Don Heck

I saw this link on Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter: The Five Facial Expressions of the SDCC Comic Con. John Sellers codifies five looks on attendees as: Determination / Surprise / Confused Indifference / Hatred / Gratittude. He supplies a running commentary on this talmud of facial messages.


Batgirl Links:

Batgirl Index

Batgirl - "New 52" version

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Ed Benes Cover

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Gail Simone Crime Fighting Puns

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Batgirl and her mask

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Ed Benes combat page

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, street fight with thug

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Batgirl with Batman

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Batman - Batgirl - Robin together

Batgirl #zero, Nov 2012, Ed Benes Batgirl Pin up

Batgirl #1, July 2011,cover by Adam Hughes

Batgirl #13, October 2010, cover art by Artgerm

Batgirl #13, October 2010, page art by Pere Perez

Batgirl #21, Aug 2013, Cover by Alex Garner

Batgirl / New 52 Backlash

Classic Batgirl

Detective Comics #424, June 1972, Don Heck Art

Superman #279, Sept 1974, Cover by Nick Cardy

Batman and Robin All Stars #6, Sept 2006, 'Batgirl Mischief' by Jim Lee

Batman and Robin All Stars #6, Sept 2006, Batgirl page by Jim Lee

Batgirl #13, Oct 2010, page by Pere Perez

Batgirl #13, Oct 2010, cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Miscellaneus Batgirl

Yvonne Craig Batgirl

Alex Garner Batgirl

Batgirl Stanley Lau

Batgirl Don DeCarlo

Archive Page 70: Gil Kane Batgirls

Yvonne Craig Batgirl from Batman TV Show

Dirk Deppey

The site has a good interview with Dirk Deppey, he of Fantagraphics editorial work. Deppey is probably best known for running one of the very best online comic book blogs (iJournalista).

Dan DeCarlo Batgirl

Dan DeCarlo Batgirl

Dan DeCarlo Batgirl and Poison Ivy from Batman Black and White Volume #3

More Batgirl


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