ARCHIVE PAGE 69 - July 2008

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J H Williams cover art for Detective Comics 858

Batwoman cover art by J H Williams

See enlarged Detective Comics #858, Dec 2009, Batwoman cover by J H Williams

More J. H. Williams III

Burt Ward, Batman's ward

Robin the Boy Wonder

Batmans Burt Ward

Tintin - The Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus Detail - TintinMore Tintin

Amazing Spider-Man issue #146

Amazing Spider-Man issue 146

More Amazing Spider-Man

Capullo cover - Spawn #55

Spawn 55 Capullo Cover

More Greg Capullo

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Red

More Marilyn

Freedom Fighters issue 2 (series 2)

Freedom Fighters Issue 2

See issue #2 cover enlarged.

More Freedom Fighters.

Native merican

Mosquito on the computer display

Mosquito of Arkansas Ozarks

Above is an Arkansas mosquito.

See a large photo of a Virginia mosquito.

Franklin Booth Illustration

Franklin Booth Hilltop Couple

More Franklin Booth

Micronauts #59

Micronauts 59 Cover

More Micronauts

Sophia Loren

Sophioa Loren - Miss Welder

"MIss Weldor" - More Sophia Loren at

Action Comics #865

Action Comics 865 Kevin Maguire

Cover art by Kevin Maguire


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