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Tintin the Blue Lotus - Panel

Tintin Blue Lotus Panel

More Tintin

The Man Called Nova!

John Buscema Cover Man Called Nova

See the John Buscema cover enlarged.

More John Buscema

Elzie Crisler Segar's Popeye 1937

Popeye E C Segar

Popeye Comic Strip

Popeye Links

Popeye the Sailor

1933 Popeye by Segar

1934 SAPPO by Segar

March 1934 Popeye (featuring Wimpy)

1934 "Thimble Theatre"

1937 Popeye by Segar

Popeye #5, IDW, Bruce Ozella 2012 Popeye "The Wrong Side of the Tracks"

Popeye #5, IDW, Eating spinach with Popeye and Swea' Pea

Popeye #6, IDW, Ken Wheaton Popeye page

Popeye #7, IDW 2012, art Roger Langridge

Popeye #7, IDW 2012, Cover by Roger Langridge

Popeye+Superman=They are both effected by something green

Popeye Superman

Popeye Superman and the color green

Batman 1943 - Movie Serial

1943 Batman and Robin Movie Serial

Side-by-side with Nova!

Amazing Spider-Man #171 - Ross Andru Cover (Frank Giacoia, inks)

Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-Man #171, August 1977, cover by Ross Andru (Frank Giacoia, inks)

More Amazing Spider-Man

See Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Wonder Woman

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

More Marilyn here.

More Jane Russell here.


It says "simulated imagery," but I think they really mean, "simulated imaginary"


Aparo Batman

Jim Aparo Batman from Detective Comics #438, 1973, "A Monster Walks Wayne Manor"

Jim Aparo Batman art

See the entire page from Detective Comics #438, December 1973-January 1974, DC Comics

Amazonia - Wonder Woman in Victorian England

Page 6 - Amazonie Wonder Woman 1997

See page Enlarged - Elseworlds Wonder Woman 1997

Crepax splash page "Man from Harlem"

Man from Harlem Page by Guido Crepax

See page enlarged.

Guido Crepax

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax splash page

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 2

Man from Harlem, Heavy Metal #10, Jan 1983, Crepax page 3

Kelley Jones art - Sandman and Death Kelley Jones art - Sandman and Death

More Kelley Jones


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman