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Christopher Reeves

Pamela Stephenson

Pamela Stephenson

Super Technology of Superman III

Onscreen in this rather badly-done film is a lot of cutting edge tech from 1983: it's now an unfamiliar assortment of images of giant boxes and reel-to-reel tape that has only a distant relationship with today's shiny PDAs and desktop/flatscreen tormenters, that is if you're younger than say 40 or so. Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor are the center-pieces of the film, but here I have screen-grabbed a handful of the shots of the computer technology which was meant to impress the audiences of that era. Consider: all that mammoth equipment is now eclipsed by the power of a single little laptop.

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SUperman III Technology

[Below] Stills from the film

Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3 Superman Chris Reeves 3

First Black Canary appearance, Carmine Infantino

Black Canary Original appearance

More Carmine Infantino

Black Canary

Black Canary

Alex Toth Black Canary

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Alex Toth Black Canary Splash Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth Black Canary Page

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972, Toth B&W Black Canary Page

Flash Comics #86, 1947, First Black Canary Appearance

Rush City Comics #2, Oct 2006, Black Canary appearance

Rush City Comics #3, Oct 2006, Black Canary Cover

Solo #5, Darwyn Cooke Black Canary

Brave and the Bold #100, Feb-Mar 1972, Nick Cardy Black Canary Cover

All Star Batman and Robin #6, Sep 2006, Jim Lee Black Canary and Batman Cover

Birds of Prey

Black Canary Archives

Amazon sells the deluxe Black Canary Archives from DC Comics

Batgirl Special #1, 1988

Batgirl SPecial

Art by Barry Kitson, with inks by Bruce Patterson.

More Batgirl Special 1988

Cover art by Harry Lucey

Betty and Veronica #40 1959

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