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Tintin - The Castafiore Emerald

The Tintin Castafiore Emerald

The "Milanese Nightingale" has a central role in this most un-Tintin of Tintin adventures: no traveling around the world, just trouping around Marlinspike Hall trying to solve a simple jewelry robbery, with a healthy dose of frace thrown in. See page enlarged.

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Frank Quitely Art

Frank Quitely Artwork

Art by Frank Quitely

Lee Meriwether Catwoman

Lee Meriwether Catwoman

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Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Catwoman #17 Art - Sandoval

Sandoval Artwork Catwoman

Sandoval Artwork from Catwoman #17, April 2013. See enlarged.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frank Robbins Batman

from Detective Comics #426, August 1972 Cover Date

Frank Robbins Batman

Frank Robbins art from his story "Killer's Roulette" from Detective Comics #426, August 1972. Published by DC Comics. Click to see entire page.

Frank Robbins wrote many comic book scripts, but his best material is a combination of both his own story and his own artwork telling the tale.

In this 1972 Batman tale, you can see the influences of TV cop programs, fashion (circa 1972) and especially Robbins' own life-long kinetic style. He brushes in thick, rich black inks and uses his own lettering style for exclamatory word balloons that reminds me of modern manga. Although Robbins' style is formulaic in the way classic adventure strips for newspapers were during their great Milt Caniff heyday, at the same time Robbins' brings solid storytelling skills to his pages. Everything keeps moving, and his Batman figure is both a black-shrouded character loaded with ink and an expressive figure that Robbins' gives telling hand and eyebrow motions to.

Batman has often been drawn as if he were encased in a frozen mask, but not here. In Robbins' artwork, his humans are always spilling over with emotions, no matter what the scene is, Robbins heightens everything so that his specific intent can't easily be missed.

The tale itself is a simple "how did he do it" crime story in which Batman must solve the seeming mass of suicides which were actually the product of frequent games of Russian roulette hosted by professional gambler Conway Treach. The story is shoe-horned into fifteen pages and Robbins runs it out right at the last panel. In between he introduces various locales and characters, and through it all are the great slabs of ink he uses to shape the pages and individual panels, and the (often) silhouetted figures that populate them. A unique talent and a singular idea of how to do a Batman story.

Superman 3 - Chris Reeves - Pamela Stephenson

Christopher Reeves Superman III

Pamela Stephenson Superman 3 atop the Liberty Statue

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Gary Frank Action Comics Page - 2008

Gary Frank Page Action COmics

Gary Frank page from Action Comics #859. See art larger.

Micronauts Issue 59

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