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First Appearance of Selina Kyle

Aka Catwoman, from 1940

Selina Kyle Catwoman FIrst Appearance in 1940

Art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. Story by Bill Finger. Click to enlarge.

Green Halloween - Disney Castle

Diney Castle

See Disney Castle Halloween photo Enlarged.

Mary Wilshire cover art Spider-Man Annual 19

Mary Wilshire cover art Spider-Man Annual 19

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get your Batfood #2!

If you're hungry for such things, you might want to enlarge this scan to a very big 1200 pixels by clicking.
Batman Chocolate

Get your Batfood!


Batman Food : Inside the Centralia, Chesterfield, Virginia Ukrops store

Page by Dustin Nyguyen from Detective Comics #845

Dustin Nguyen Catwoman and Batman

Click to Enlarge

The Merchandising on the Spiderman Broadway Show

Spiderman Broadway SHow

See the main Spiderman Broadway Show page

Greg Ruth Mermaid

Dark Horse Presents #21, Feb 2013, Greg Ruth Mermaid Cover




Gigantic Rifle

Micronauts King SIze

More Micronauts


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