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Birds of Prey #72

Birds of Prey issue 72 Greg Land Cover

Cover art by Greg Land. Inks by Jay Leisten.

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Jess Jodloman "The Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch"

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Jess Jodloman Art

More Jess Jodloman - Sunken Pearls of Captain Hatch, 1974

Action Comics #806 - Supergirls

Action Comics - #806 - Pasquel Ferry artwork

Art by Pasquel Ferry

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonder Woman and the ants

Wonder Woman Jim Lee and Frank Miller

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Batman Arkham Knight Batman Advertisment Art Sign

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Welcome to the Future, Intelligentsia!

From the LA Times book review by Lee Drutman of "The Dumbest Generation":

"The way Bauerlein sees it, something new and disastrous has happened to America's youth with the arrival of the instant gratification go-go-go digital age. The result is, essentially, a collective loss of context and history, a neglect of "enduring ideas and conflicts." Survey after painstakingly recounted survey reveals what most of us already suspect: that America's youth know virtually nothing about history and politics...

Things were not supposed to be this way. After all, "never have the opportunities for education, learning, political action, and cultural activity been greater," writes Bauerlein, a former director of Research and Analysis at the National Endowment for the Arts. But somehow, he contends, the much-ballyhooed advances of this brave new world have not only failed to materialize -- they've actually made us dumber.'s digital generation is becoming insulated in its own stultifying cocoon of bad spelling, civic illiteracy and endless postings that hopelessly confuse triviality with transcendence. Two-thirds of U.S. undergraduates now score above average on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, up 30% since 1982, he reports.

...The natural (and anticipated) response would indeed be to dismiss him as your archetypal cranky old professor who just can't understand why "kids these days" don't find Shakespeare as timeless as he always has.

The book's ultimate doomsday scenario -- of a dull and self-absorbed new generation of citizens falling prey to demagoguery and brazen power grabs -- seems at once overblown (witness, for example, this election season's youth reengagement in politics) and also yesterday's news (haven't we always been perilously close to this, if not already suffering from it?).

...throughout "The Dumbest Generation," there are also some keen insights into how the new digital world really is changing the way young people engage with information and the obstacles they face in integrating any of it meaningfully. These are insights that educators, parents and other adults ignore at their peril."

The title/subtitle of the book really says it all:

The Dumbest Generation
How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future, or Don't Trust Anyone Under 30
By Mark Bauerlein
Tarcher/Penguin: 272 pp., $24.95

From what I have seen, each generation thinks it is the sum total of 'smarts' all of history has pushed forward to, and the "next generation is stupid" always seems self-obvious.

Bat-Man Mad-Man

Bat Man mad man

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Coordinating Your Villains

Kevin Maguire Toyman

July 3, 2008: DC Comics and coordinating supervillain appearances.

Click to enlarge:
Action Comics
Mr. Schott uses the same barber, apparently, as Frank Miller's
Batman in All Star Batman and Robin.

Rafa Sandoval Catwoman #17


Catwoman #17, April 2013, Rafa Sandoval (pencils) and Jordi Tarragona (inks.) See entire page.

More Sandoval - Catwoman 16

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Photograph: Poe Museum Building in Richmond Virginia

Poe Museum


The collection of buildings making up the "Poe Museum" in Richmond, VA are all unique brick structures, except the main stone building that is the entrance and gift shop. It is said to be the oldest surviving structure in the entire city, dating back to (possibly) 1743. Above in the photo is the Memorial Building which houses an exhibit including manuscripts and various artifacts.

Rima the Jungle Girl - issue 6

Rima the Jungle GIrl

Rima the Jungle Girl #6, Feb 1975, Redondo page a

Marilyn Monroe

Darywn Cooke Art

More Darwyn Cooke



Art by Elmore


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman