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Savage Wolverine issue 2 - Frank Cho

Frank Cho the Savage Wolverine issue 2

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho Cover art

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 1

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 2

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho art - Shanna the She-Devil - 3

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Shanna the She-Devil

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Sebastian Fiumara art

Art by Sebastian Fiumara

Werewolf of London

Werewolf of London (1935)

Valerie Hobson plays another wife to a madman (she performs the same task in Bride of Frankenstein, also 1935). She's certainly more assertive here, only putting up with Henry Hull's experiments to a certain degree, accompanied by his demands and orders to placate his jealousy over an old school friend come to visit who is taken on an affection for his devoted wife. Meanwhile he is going through Jekyll-and-Hyde transformations brought on by a wolf bite while visiting Tibet.

The remainder of this article can be read at cinemagraphe here.

Freedom Fighters Issue 2

Forbidden Planet

Before Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen's other job was a prototype Captain Kirk in Forbidden Planet from 1956.

Darywn Cooke Art

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Catwoman Cover issue 44, Adam Hughes

DC Comics 2008

Catwoman issue 44 Adam Hughes

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Adam Hughes Related

Adam Hughes

Justice League of America #32, Nov 1989, Cover by Adam Hughes

Batman One-Shot 2004, Sept 2004, Adam Hughes/ Adam West cover

Adam Hughes Wonder Woman 141 Cover art

Adam Hughes Wonder Woman Just Imagine Cover art

Adam Hughes reboot Batgirl Cover Art

Catwoman #47, Nov 2005, Adam Hughes Cover

Catwoman #48, Dec 2005, Adam Hughes cover Art

Catwoman #49, Jan 2006, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #11, May 2011, Adam Hughes Cover

Zatanna #13, July 2011, Adam Hughes Cover art

Amazon: Cover Run - Adam Hughes DC Comics Art


Marilyn Monroe 2 RGB

Marilyn Monroe

Darywn Cooke Wonder Woman

More Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Transformation 1978


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman