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Hermann's Jeremiah series: "smell of fear in the air..."

Talons of Blood Page by Hermann

From Hermann's post-apocolyptic graphic novel "The Survivors: Talons of Blood". Talons of Blood Hermann.

Darywn Cooke Art

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Tim Sale Batman and Catwoman, 2004

Tim Sale Batman and Catwoman

Tim Sale art from Solo #1, Dec 2004. See page enlarged.

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Brave and the Bold #100 - Nick Cardy, 1972

Brave and the BOld Issue 100 Cardy

oCver art for Brave and the Bold #100, Feb-March 1972, artwork by Nick Cardy. See the entire cover enlarged.

You are the Candy in the New Furd Pinata

Furd Pinata

Comes in special Hybrid edition!

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Conan by Barry Windsor Smith

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Poe Museum Comics Exhibit

The Poe Museum, Richmond Virginia

"Poe in Comics" Exhibit

I was at the Poe Museum today and had a look at the comic book exhibit with original art on display by Rich Corben, Rick Geary and a number of others.

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[Below] The Poe Museum has five buildings and a large ornamental English style garden which makes up a walled complex dedicated to Poe and especially his time in Richmond, Virginia. The exhibit building contains two floors which were used for the exhibit.
Poe Exhibit Building

Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn at

X-MEN Untied

Jean Grey ( Famke Jannsen) from X-Men United

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Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

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Countdown Arena #1 Cover by Andy Kubert

See more Countdown Arena #1

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