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Catwoman #47 Cover, Adam Hughes

Catwoman #47, Adam Hughes Art

Detail from the Hughes cover to Catwoman #47, Nov 2005. See entire cover enlarged.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mosquito, Richmond Virginia

Mosquito Virginia

They're quite a nuisance. Click to enlarge enormously.

Kirby Monsters on the Prowl

Jack Kirby Monsters on the Prowl

Monsters On The Prowl #26, June 1973, cover art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers

Gary Frank Batcave - 2 Page Spread

Gary Frank Batcave SPread

Gary Frank artwork, Batcave Art Action Comics #859. See art larger.

Billiard Tables of 1901

The King of Games for Home Entertainment

Billiard and Pool Tables of 1901

Photograph: Washington DC, Around 5th Street

Washington DC 5th Street

Mercedes Benz signage and graphetti, Washington DC 5th Street

Look at the pix large

ST Johns CHurch Richmond Virginia

St Johns Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, burial location of Edgar Allan Poe's mother Eliza Arnold Poe. See a whole lot more pix from this location, and info about Elizabeth Poe, here.

Elseworld Wonder Woman and Big Barda

Wonder WOman and Big Barda

Big Barda and Wonder Woman - Elseworlds - Enlarge

More Wonder Woman

Frazetta - Famous Funnies Color Art

Famous Funnies - Frank Frazetta

More Frank Frazetta

Comix International 5

Comix International 5

More Richard Corben

1901 hairstyles

Hair of 1901.

Darywn Cooke Art - Wonder Woman

More Darwyn Cooke


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