Detail Shanna the She-Devil issue 2 - Frank Cho

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Jim Aparo Cover to Detective Comics number 445 1975 DC Comics

See this cover to Detective Comics #445, 1975 DC Comics, enlarged here.

Jim Aparo Index

Frank Cho art Shanna issue 2

Frank Cho art Shanna issue 2

Enlarge - Shanna the She-Devil #2 - Frank Cho

Superman Number 30, Sept-October 1944

Cover art by Jack Burnley

Superman Number 30

More Superman Here

Photos from the National Portrait Gallery

and the Smithsonian Museum of Art in Washington DC March 2008

U.S. Grant Takes A Meeting
US Grant
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A short history and many large photographs of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art / National Portrait Gallery here.

US Grant
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Julie Newmar Catwoman

More Julie Newmar

Elektra Assassin Number 4, 1986

Elektra Assassin number 4 cover

Elektra Assassin cover issue 4, November 1986

Cover artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

Agent McBryde from Elektra Assassin #5: Agent McBryde

Agent McBryde Sienkiewicz

See the entire page, Bill Sienkiewicz artwork

Elektra Bill Sienkiewicz

Cover artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

Bob Oksner cover 1973 - Lois Lane 129

Lois Lane 129 Bob Oksner Cover

More Lois Lane

J. H. Williams, Batwoman 17 Page

Batwoman 17

Detail from the J. H. Williams page to Batwoman #17, April 2013. See entire page.

More J. H. Williams III


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