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Danger Girl and Batman Team Up

Batman and Team Up

J. Scott Campbell artwork for the Danger Girl and Batman team-up. See entire cover art enlarged here.

Wonder Woman Frank Miller Wonder Woman by Frank Miller

Joe Shuster art - Superman #4 Cover Art

Superman #4 Cover art Joe Shuster

Spring 1940 Issue. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.

Messenger at the planet Mercury

Mercury from space

NASA image from their "Messenger" probe on its approach toward Mercury, approximately 17,000 miles out.

The last time anything man-made got this close to the planet Mercury was the NASA probe Marinar 10 back in 1974 through 1975.

Read complete article with photographs,
graphics and an outline program of the
NASA Mesenger program

Wolverine Happy Meal

See more Wolverine plastice Happy Meal Toy

More Wolverine

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jim Aparo : Brave and The Bold Volume 2

Jim Aparo Batman

Jim Aparo book THE ART OF JIM APARO was
announced in 2005 by twomorrows publishing.

This material on Jim Aparo and the DC Showcase book has moved to the Jim Aparo index on this web site

Friday, January 11, 2008

Super Maze No.7


Super Maze Number 7
Click to enlarge to 800 pixel width

Kaare Andrews A+X #4

Kaare Andrews

See entire page

A+X #4, March 2013, Kaare Andrews Cover Spider-Man and Beast

A+X #4, March 2013, Kaare Andrews page: Beast and Spider-Man 1

A+X #4, March 2013, Kaare Andrews page: Beast and Spider-Man 2

A+X #4, March 2013, Kaare Andrews page: Beast and Spider-Man 3

Kay Francis

(Super) popular 1930s movie actress, not completely unknown in
2008 but something near it. Look at that amazing hat.

Kay Francis
Kay Francis actress

She is probably best known in the 21st century for the Ernst Lubitsch film "Trouble in Paradise" from 1932. In that film she carefully creates a (humorous) portrait of a beautiful and extravagant owner of a French perfume works. Herbert Marshall is a master-thief who works his way into her trust, all the while plotting to abscond with her fortune. The complications ensue when both the nominal employer (Francis) and the phony butler/secret thief (Marshall) find that their mutual attraction is getting the better of them. Contains the typical Lubitsch attention to dialogue that distinguishes his films in a unique way, shading wit and and underlying dialogue that goes well beyond the actual spoken words.

More about Kay Francis at the Cinemagraphe web site

Kay Francis

Edgar Allan Poe Stamp

Edgar Allan Poe Stamp Bicentennial

The Micahel Deas artwork used in the bicentennial of Poe USPS stamp issue, photo of display promo image at the first day event held in Richmond Virginia January 2009

View more on Edgar Allan Poe

Bob Kane Batman

Batman Issue 1 1940 Issue Cover

Click to enlarge - Batman Issue 1 Spring 1940

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wonder Woman Knock Down Drag out

Scott McDaniel Artwork
Scott McDaniel Art from DC Comics Countdown Arena #3

Scott McDaniel Artwork from DC Comics

The review of this series from DC Comics Countdown Arena #3
has moved to its own page here.


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