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Archie Cover art by Harry Lucey

Betty and Veronica #41 1959

More Archie

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol I

Jack Kirby Omnibus Cover

"I have heard the word - - it is Battle!" (page 108)

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus
Volume One
DC Comics 2007, Approximately 400 Page Hardback Book
$49.99 USD Retail

Kirby died in 1994 (Wikipedia article here); but his work keeps going through cyclical revivals. DC Comics thus comes forth with this collection of Kirby's so-called "Fourth World" stories from various 1970's DC Comics (New Gods, Forever People, Jimmy Olson and Mister Miracle).

Read the entire review of JACK KIRBY FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS

"Fat City" from Batman Black and White

Fat City Batman

Mick McMahon artwork. See entire page enlarged.

Shanna #2 - Frank Cho

Shanna the She-Devil

Shanna the She-Devil page issue #2 - 2005


Marilyn Monroe

Jim Aparo Artwork

Brave and the Bold Comics #119, June 1975 cover date

Read more about this issue and see the larger page images

Brave and the BOld Manbat Cover

Manbat - Manbat Page Aparo - Jim Aparo Manbat

Cover artwork
Page 5
Page 6
Page 17

Jim Aparo index for this site here.

Wolverine and Hulk - Frank Cho

Hulk and Wolverine

From Savage Wolverine issue 5 - see enlarged

More Wolverine

The Hulk

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #4

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls 4 Cover

Salva Espin Cover art


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