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Jim Aparo

Slaughter in Silver

Jim Aparo Detective Comics 446

Read more about this issue which continues the Len Wein and Jim Aparo "Bat-Murderer" 5-issue series.

Jim Aparo Detective Comics 446

Detective Comics 445

More Jim Aparo

Madness and Chaos

Joker - Madness and Chaos

More Joker

Superman Confidential- So Pleasant!

Superman Confidential

Superman Confidential #5

DC Comics, Cover dated June 2007
Written by Darwyn Cooke and Art by Tim Sale
Cover price $2.99

Darwyn Cooke's pleasant romance between Lois and Supes continues with plenty of room for the wide open panel artwork of Tim Sale: Read the entire review of Superman Confidential #56

Why burn something no one will read?

On the continuing decline of books

"I'd like to think that this is a romantic return to youth, but it looks like a bad case of cultural infantilism. And when we're not horning in on our kids' favorite books, most of us aren't reading anything at all. More than half the adults in this country won't pick up a novel this year, according to the National Endowment for the Arts. Not one. And the rate of decline has almost tripled in the past decade."

From Harry Potter and the Death of Reading, By Ron Charles, The Washington Post, Sunday, July 15, 2007; Page B01

It is curious that population of the United States keeps growing, and simultaneously the number of movie theatre attendancers, book readers, comic book readers, newspaper readers keeps declining.

Antique Cars of Monday

Buick Electra

I think this is a Buick Electra, 1962 or earlier. See more pictures

See pix of various cars in general

Robert Lawson, Illustrator

Click either image to view enlarged. More Robert Lawson Here.

Robert Lawson

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex 37

Jonah Hex page

Jordi Bernet

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady - Freedom Fighters

From DC Comics' Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters - Daniel Acuna art

More Freedom Fighters

More Phantom Lady

More Daniel Acuna Art

Robo SUit 3000 - eco Friendly



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