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Santa Clause Conquers The Martians

Dell Comics Santa Clause conquers the Martians

The Martians invade earth and kidnap Santa Clause for Christmas!

Christmas Holiday Comic Books

Omac Number 4 Kirby

Are you ready for the world that's coming?

More Jack Kirby

Lynda Carter Gif

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Neal Adams Batman and Adam Strange

Neal Adams COver art

Neal Adams art, Brave and the Bold #90, 1970, see the whole cover enlarged here.

EGO - and other tales

Batman Ego Cover

Darwyn Cooke "Batman Ego"

DC Comics has published a 200 page collection of Darwyn Cooke's Batman comics, including material from his solo (DC Comics Solo #5) comic from 2005, also Gotham Knights, Selina's Big Score, and Tim Sale's Solo book (DC Comics Solo #1) :

This review has moved. Read the entire review of Batman Ego here.


[Below] A bronze sculpture by Myra Weisgold that I saw in the current (July 2007) issue of American Art Collector.

I can Fly Myra Weisgold

Jim Aparo

[Below] A page from Detective Comics #437, with artwork by Jim Aparo.
Click to view a larger version, or go here.

Jim AParo Batman art from 1973

Spirit Summer Issue

This review has moved to its own page: Review of The Spirit #7 Summer Issue

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Robert Lawson

[Below] A careful pen and ink artist from the classic era of book illustration, Lawson did numerous projects, beginning in 1922 with The Adventures of Little Prince Toofat, written by George Chester, and ending with The Tough Winter from 1954. Robert Lawson also did the illustrations for Leaf Munro's 1936 book Ferdinand.

More Robert Lawson at art and

UFO British TV Show

Gull-wing cars, silver space suits, and lots of space craft models.

More UFO TV Show

UFO British Science Fiction TV Show

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman helmet

More Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Transformation Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Transformative Wonder Woman - Transform Diana Prince

Wonder Woman in pants

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