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Lynda Carter 1977 - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 1977

Gary Frank SUperman

Action Comics #858 - art by Gary Frank.

See page larger.

Yes, that certainly does look like Christopher Reeves there.

A League of One - Wonder Woman vs Superman

Wonder Woman vs Superman

From the Graphic novel by Christopher Moeller

More Christopher Moeller - A League of One - Wonder Woman


Ratatouille is a little clumsy in how it goes about explaining all of this, but it seems to be an honest film about ambition, facing up to unbeatable personal limitations, and also the myriad consequences all that brings, plus being a rat doesn't help.

Unusual territory for family-fare animated movies, and certainly not a topic many live action films aim for. But this is Pixar, and it's Brad Bird (who did the film The Incredibles) who has the directing chores, and thus Pixar continues to stand well out and away from competition from it's (ironically) in-house rival, Disney Animation. The difference between the jaded numbness from Disney and the earnestness of Pixar is made clearer with every Pixar release.


A Love Letter to Surfing

Surf's Up The story is generic (penguin overcomes numerous impediments to become a champion surfer) but there are human touches about the cost of wanting to be a champion (and it reducing other people to mere tools for the goal). Ultimately, though, the movie is one long kiss blown toward the sport of surfing. It is also an ode to the plain beauty of getting out in the water (well, the water around a fictitious Pacific Island). The animation is very pretty, the story isn't subtle but it get's the point across (friends are more important than winning), and it celebrates the wonder of 'riding inside the tube.'

From Sony Animation.

Surfs Up

Surfs Up 2

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A production scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from Hollywood, 1931. The film won Frederic March (the lead actor) an Oscar and tossed a little bit of legitimacy onto horror films (which at the time were just beginning to be called such). You can read the original Robert Louis Stevenson story here.

Renato Guedes - Supergirl on Action Comics #850

Renato Guedes Supergirl Cover

Renato Guedes Superman art for Action Comics #850, July 2007


Jane Russell

More Jane Russell at Cinemagraphe.

Jane Russell Movie Star

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

Tales of Suspense #39,1963

Original Iron Man Grey

Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963, Art by Don Heck and Stan Goldberg

More Iron Man


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman