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The Spirit #8 - Darwyn Cooke art

The Spirit number 8 Cover art

Page by Darwyn Cooke - The Spirit number 8

More Darwyn Cooke

More of Eisner's The Spirit

Pride and Prejudice fans

Jane Austen

(above) 1790 portrait of writer Jane Austen by Ozias Humphry
At auction at Christie's at New York, April 19, 2007
Estimated return sale at $400,000-$800,000

Joe Shuster art - Superman #2 Cover Art

Superman #2 1939 Cover art by Joe Shuster

Fall 1939 Issue. Paul Cassidy inks. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.

Neal Adams cover to Batman issue 200, March 1968

Batman issue 200 art by Neal Adams

View cover enlarged, and more Neal Adams



Art and story by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Published by Drawn and Quarterly Books, 2006
Approximately 200 pages; $19.95 USD

A collection of short stoies about the denizens of a constricting and claustrophobic Tokyo, Japan.
Tatsumi Artwork

The complete review of the Tatsumi book Abandon the Old in Tokyo is here.

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Alligator Man, 1959

The Alligator People

From the 1959 Alligator People - A Lon Chaney Jr film "I'ma gonna get you someday, alligator man!"

It may seem visually impossible, but the girl here is in love with the man who has become a human alligator. Relationship conflicts ensue.

More about Alligator People at

Batman Gotham City Line

Batman Gotham City Line

Frank Robbins

Frank RObbins Art

More Frank Robbins

Kaluta cover - Detective Comics #426

Kaluta cover - Detective Comics #426

More Detective Comics

Boris Karloff The alking Dead

Boris Karloff - The Walking Dead, 1936

Victimized by a ruthless mob, Karloff's character is revived by a doctor working on reanimation experiments, and Karloff then has his chance to even the score with the horrified criminal gang that killed him. First of many imitations. Directed by Michael Curtiz.

Wonder Woman


airship zeppelin LOS ANGELES
[Above] June 23, 1932 airship LOS ANGELES. This picture was taken near the end of the zeppelin's flight career. Afterwards it was used only for on-ground training and experimentation. [Click image to enlarge.]

[Below] The airship AKRON over San Francisco, May 1932. The small dark shape behind the forward control booth (or the bridge) is an N2Y aircraft. The Akron was actually designed to carry multiple aircraft in a compartment inside the balloon. On April 4, 1932, the Akron was pushed by bad weather out to sea, where a series of human errors lead to a crash into the Atlantic, killing 73 people. [Click image to enlarge.]
Airship Akron

Gilligan's Island

Gilligans Island

The television series was produced for CBS and ran from 1964 to 1967.

"Oh, those poor people!" Aliens reaction to being asked whether they understood that the televised 'historical documents' of Gilligan's Island is "real" or not, from the film Galaxy Quest, 1999.

Wonder Woman Artwork by Cliff Chiang

Panel art Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang

See the cover art for Wonder Woman #8 by Cliff Chiang here.

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Comix International 2

Comix International 2 Cover art Richard Corben

More Richard Corben

Steamboat Bill, Jr, 1927

Steamboat Bill

More on Buster Keaton here.

[Below: Buster Keaton in The Navigator, 1924.]The Navigator Buster Keaton

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Will Smiley Defenders

Will Smiley

Go to page Defenders by Will Smiley

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Let me take a peek at those rules

Kisses Betty and Veronica Archie

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