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Fearless Defenders #1, Mark Brooks Art

Mark Brooks Defenders Cover Art

Mark Brooks art from Fearless Defenders #1. See Cover image enlarged.

More Misty Knight

Batman, Pirate

Batman Pirate ELseworlds issue 7

More Batman

More Elseworlds

Aurora Comic Scenes Batman

Aurora Batman COmic Model 1974

Trophy Wive Blues

Trophy Wive Blues

More Online Comix.

Ingrid Pitt

Ingrid Pitt

Ingrid Pitt 1937-2010 - Actress in many films, particularly Hammer Horror films, of the 1960s-70s.

Below: Screen shot of the UK Sky news obit notice

Ingrid Pitt Uk Sky News

More Ingrid Pitt at

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Phantom Lady

Uncle Sam Freedom Fighters 1 - Daniel Acuna art

Daniel Acuna Phantom Lady art from the 2006 run of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Phantom Lady 2  - Daniel Acuna art

Phantom Lady 3  - Daniel Acuna art

Phantom Lady  - Daniel Acuna art

Daniel Acuna Phantom Lady  - Daniel Acuna art

More Daniel Acuna Art

Johnny Eck from the Tod Browning Film "Freaks"

Johnny Eck from Freaks

A strangely moving film that cannot make up its mind to be exploitive or to defend the (actual) circus freaks that make up the bulk of the films cast (so it finally does both).

Tod Browning (director of the original Lugosi "Dracula" fame among others) directed this M-G-M movie about the revenge of a band of carnival freaks when one of their number is targeted for a sham marriage for money and eventual murder by two "normals" from their circus. Johnny Eck appears throughout the movie, moving around adroitly on his two hands.

Brave and the Bold #100

Brave and the Bold #100, Nick Cardy Cover. See enlarged.

Batman TV Show

Batman TV Show

Batman Pages

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #3

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls 3 Cover

Salva Espin Cover art


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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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