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Wonder Woman #161

Wonder Woman 161

"Golden Age Villain Surprise Package." Pencils: Ross Andru - Inks: Mike Esposito

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Wonder Woman deflects bullets

Wonder WOman deflecting bullets

The panel showing Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman deflecting bullets at a rapid pace is obviously derived from the TV show starring Lynda Carter which was on the air at the tiome of this issue of Brave and the Bold #140 coming out.

Live Die Repeat

Detective Comics #507

Detective Comics 507

Detective Comics #507, October 1981. Art by Denys Cowan with inks from Dick Giordano. Coloring by Tatjana Wood

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Valerie Hobson

Valerie Hobson Actress Valerie Hobson

Page has moved to cinemagraphe online here.

Valerie Hobson and Boris Karloff from Bride of Frankenstein

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Doug Mahnke Frankenstein

[Below] Doug Mahnke's Frankenstein from the Seven Soldiers of Victory multi-series from DC Comics. Page is from Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein issue #1. (2006)

Mahnke Frankenstein

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

Working Class Dracula

Read the entire 11 page tale of "Dracula at Home" at Comic Atomic

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Famous Film Director

Famous Film Director

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DC Comics 2007

Shazam Jeff SMith

Wizard: "I am getting old, Billy Batson. It is time for me to pick a replacement."

Billy:"What do you mean, a replacement?"

Shazam Monster Society of Evil #1

Story and art: Jeff Smith
Colors: Steve Hamaker
Purchased $5.99 February 2007
DC Comics

The Complete review of SHAZAM #1

Last Days of Superman - Supergirl's Mission

Last Days of Superman Art

1962 multi-part story about "The Last Days of Superman" in which a terminally ill Clark Kent must face mortality and commences saying goodbye to his friends - Jimmy Olson, Lois Lane, Batman and Robin, etc.

See this page enlarged.

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Amanda Conner

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