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Joe Benitez art - The Batcave

The Batcave - Art by Benitez

From Detective Comics #823

Wonder Woman #198, 1972

Wonder Woman 198

Wonder Woman #198, January-February 1972, Art by Dick Giordano

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Wonder Woman #202 by Dick Giordano

Wonder Woman #202 Dick Giordano

Wonder Woman #202, September-October 1972, Art by Dick Giordano

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Batman 1942 - Fred Ray

Batman 1942 cover art by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson

Batman #10, April-May 1942, cover art by Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson

Superman story arc ideas rejected by DC Comics, Number #235

Superman Headless

February 29, 2007

Bleach #17


It is curious how the manga audience and the traditional American comic book audiences are divided into separate camps. The similarities between manga and American comics are enough that they're obviously from the same medium, and the basic mechanics of storytelling are the same. An outsider would hardly see significant differences. Yet, all the same, one group reads one, and another group reads the other.

This artwork here by Tite Kubo from Bleach #17 shows the clean white space manga seems to prefer, and the heroic (and poetic) importance of a single scene distributed throughout the panel and all its elements. An American (superhero) comic would focus all the heroic posing (and whatever poetry there is) to the figure of the superhero.

Manga centralizes the hero (or lead character. Some of these main characters are not heroes in any real sense) in the broad strokes of the story as a sweeping narrative that carries everything forward in it's path. In American Comics, a single characters decisions (usually the superhero or the supervillain, or both) makes everything else happen. Manga seems to show destiny as inevitable, manifested through character (i.e., character is destiny), whereas American comics reflect older religious ideals about free will and the impact of decisions against what would otherwise be inevitable (i.e., free-choice versus predestination). But both Manga and American comics hold the character of the hero as central.

Bleach Page

Bleach Page 2

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Batgirl Jim Lee

Jim Lee art, Batgirl from Batman and Robin All Stars #6 - See huge

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Freedom Fighters #1 Nov 2010

[Below] Cover to the Second DC Comics series of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters Issue 1

See this cover for Freedom Fighters #1 enlarged.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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Bachalo Art Battle of the Atom 4 Cover

Lynda Carter


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AManda Conner

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman