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Flash Comics 1943, issue 44, Octopus Cover

Lou Ferstadt art - 1943 Flash Comics issue 44 - Octopus Comics

Flash Comics #44, Cover artwork by Lou Ferstadt from August 1943.

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Ken Anderson Disney Animation

More about the 1977 Walt Disney film

Wizard Nov 2004, #157 Wolverine

Wizard Wolverine 157

Iron Fist #2

Iron Fist #2 Cover by Gil Kane

More Gil Kane

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Tewrra and Power girl

Terra vs Power Girl - More Amanda Conner Art

The Mysterians Promo Art

The Mysterians Movie 1957

Japanese title was "Earth Defense Force." Released originally December 1957 in Japan, then May 1959 in the USA.

A super-alien race has become desperate because of damage from nuclear warfare on their now destroyed planet.

Below: The Japanese Poster (in TOHO SCOPE)

Japanese Poster The Mysterians

December 30, 2006

Frank Robbins and Leonardo di Vinci

Weird War Tales Frank Robbins

[above] Frank Robbins page from DC Comics Weird War Tales #21, cover dated January 1974. Click to enlarge

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The Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island book cover by N C Wyeth

[Above] The original Scribner's Sons printing of the cover art. [Below] The Wyeth illo alone.

N C WYeth Mysterious Island Illo

Old Truck Junked

Photo index of Car Photos

December 29, 2006

Batman Frank Robbins

Related: Frank Robbins art and story from Detective Comics 426.

If you like Frank Robbin's artwork (like I do) be sure to look at my page about Robbins with 17 pages of his comic book artwork at Art and Artifice.

Van From Hell

Dept of random automotive photos

This beautiful van ("the van from hell" was written by finger through the dirt impasted over the side windows) was traveling along Route 95 North going towards Washington DC. The picture really does not do it justice.

Beautiful Van from hell

THe Van from Hell on Route I 95 into Washington DC

Buster Keaton Hamlet

Buster Keaton hamlet

More Buster Keaton

Superman Confidential #5

Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL #2

Tim Sale's quasi-poster/comic book art is likeable and interesting, but not perfect - -

Some complaints about things that don't make sense in the artwork for Superman Confidential #1, but with the second issue the only complaint is the plot point in the story where Superman is endangered by drowning by lava, but then a burst of oxygen sends him back to the surface. Where did the oxygen come from? (From Superman himself?)

Sale's artwork is in a three-stacked panel mode for most of these pages, which doesn't exactly mean a lot of story is moving very fastacross this issue.

Moldoff Cover art - Flash Comics #1 1940 First Issue

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

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