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Irwin Hasen cover March 1952, Wonder Woman #52

Irwin Hasen Wonder Woman 1952

Cover artwork by Irwin Hasen. More Wonder Woman.

More Irwin Hasen

Leo O'Mealia art - Superman #1 Cover Art

Superman #1 1939 Cover Art Leo O'Mealia

Summer 1939 Issue. More original run 1939 classic Superman covers.

Batman Returns 1992

More Batman Returns with Michael Keaton

Movement Amanda Conner

The Movement - More Amanda Conner Art

December 28, 2006

Japan as viewed by 17 Creators



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Tales from the Crypt #24, 1951

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 1

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 2

Jack Davis - Tales from the Crypt panel 3

Jack Davis artwork, 1951

More Jack Davis

Aparo: Aquaman and Batman

Jim Aparo artwork - cover Brave and the Bold 114

Jim Aparo - Brave and the Bold 114 - View enlarged Cover

More Aquaman

More Brave and the Bold

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin


Asterix and obelix

More about the Indomitable Gaul here.

Lieutenant Uhura (First name probably 'Samara')

Lieutenant Uhura A

Actress Nichelle Nichols

More Lieutenant Uhura

Nyota Uhura - Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana - Uhura

December 26, 2006

Testament of Dr Mabuse

Dr. Mabuse

Film directed by Fritz Lang (1890-1976)

More about Dr Mabuse - Testament of Dr Mabuse Cinemagraphe com

Catwoman - 1980

1980 Jim Aparo Catwoman

From Untold Legend of Batman


Rocket Ship Classic Sci Fi Spacecraft

Rocket ship travel in 1950s sci fi

G Force effects

SCi Fi 1950s Space FLight G Force

Fun Home

From Dirk Deppey's journalista:

[A review of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home] "Dense and multifaceted, the book abandons traditional linear narrative for an aspect-to-aspect approach in its quest to discover the truth behind the life and death of Bechdel’s father, shifting focus from one factor of their lives together to the next. Bechdel circles around her subject, relentlessly studying the life of her father from every available angle, adding detail upon detail, with later chapters offering information that places earlier scenes in an entirely different light. This elegantly drawn book thus rewards multiple readings to a higher degree than many other graphic novels, and its cool, literary approach to its subject grants the reader every opportunity to join Bechdel in her dissection of a family life veiled in custom and circumstance. Book of the year? Yeah, I’d say so..."

Read a review of Fun Home here

Todd McFarlene - Spawn #9, March 1993

Todd McFarlene

Frankenstein - Seven Soldiers of Victory series written by Grant Morrison

More Frankenstein


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