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Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein ink Illustration

Wrightson Frankenstein Illustration

Bernie Wrightson illustration for his Mary Shelley Frankenstein book project. Click to see illo enlarged.

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MAY 31, 2006



Slam Bradley

DC Comics has had an excellent series of books in which short story form and the individual styles of creators are put together to make a showcase – for example Solo number 5 from August of 2005. It featured the beautiful black and white inking of Darwyn Cooke, along with his unique coloring.

Black Canary

Cooke's stories are tied together by a Slam Bradley tale interspersed between the individual short stories. Slam Bradley (wikipedia entry here) is DC Comics oldest (or nearly oldest?) character, dating from 1937. Cooke's stories are inventive and each one has a slightly different art and color sense.

Cooke's Batman

For Batman fans, Cooke adapts the 1974 Night of the Stalker from Detective Comics #439. The original story was by Steve Englehart (from "an incident described by Neal Adams" so written on the first page of the tale.) the editing was by Archie Goodwin, who had the tough task in those days of making short 11 and 12 page Batman lead stories coherent and interesting with such little space. For an enlargement of a few panels from the tale click the image below:

Batman Night of the Stalker

Paul Pope Year 100

Paul Pope has had a 4-issue run of Batman Year 100. The story carries on with the same issues and concerns as Pope covered in Heavy Liquid and maybe 100% - - identity preservation, privacy, government intrusions and so forth.

Jesse Hamm has a "7 Reasons Why Alex Toth Drew Better Than I Do" page here.

MAY 29, 2006


Toth's son Eric reported that his father died at his drawing table. He was 77. There is an Art & Artifice page on his 1972 story with Robert Kanigher "White Devil, Yellow Devil."

Alex Toth info has moved to its own page here.

MAY 27, 2006

Frank Mill and Jim Lee Batman

The Frank Miller and Jim Lee DC comic Batman and Robin All Stars has hit it's fourth issue. I noticed that in issue one, Batman and the traumatized Dick Grayson get in the Batmobile and head for the Batcave. Well, in issue four, they finally get there. Does this mean the "story arc" for this book will take approximately 3,792 pages to complete? Also, this issue has a six-page foldout drawing of the Batcave. I have a page analyzing this series at Art and Artifice.


Classic Film Noir, Cry Danger (1951)

Jean Porter Actress Cry Danger

Cry Danger is a classic, tightly-wound noir story of an ex-convict (Dick Powell) who uses his unexpected parole to pursue the solving of the mystery of who framed him and a buddy (who is still in jail) on an armored car holdup.

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Kubert Batman

Kubert Batman

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MAY 25, 2006



The review of Bizarro World DC Comics has moved here

Wortella Batman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman