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John Severin - Enemy, 1965


Blazing Combat #1 - - a revival of the EC Comics-style war books from the 1950s, Archie Goodwin penned scripts with a 1960s-era sensibility combined with the talents of some of the best comic book artists in the business. This splash page by John Severin shows how using of cross-hatch, craftint and pen techniques was able to render a spread of grey tonal variations throughout the page to lift it out of the limitations of black and white magazine printing. See the page enlarged.

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POE and Corben

Poe by Rich Corben
[Above] A rough drawing from an inside cover of the book.

Harvey Dent - Bruce Timm

Bruce Timm Two Face Art

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Mike Allred Batman a Go Go

MIKE ALLRED DC Comics Solo #7 book

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Batman 232 Issue 1971

Wonder Woman 1977

Lynda Carter cover to TV Guide Jan 1977

January 29, 1977 cover of TV GUIDE featuring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Ernie Chan (aka Ernie Chua) Starfire Cover, 1976

Starfire cover by Ernie Chan 1976

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