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ARCHIVE PAGE 1018 - May 2018

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Captain Marvel

Captain MAervel Carol Danvers

Art by Sebastian Giacobino

Comic Creator Joe Kubert Inspires New Scholarships - Hollywood Reporter

8 Marvel Comics Storylines That Could Inform ‘Avengers 4’ and Phase 4 of the MCU - Slash Film

Batman the Animated Series Returns... As a Board Game - Newsarama

Now that we’ve seen Tom Hardy’s Venom, do we want to see the movie more or less? - Washington Post

Annette Bening to Join the MCU in ‘Captain Marvel’ - Collider

Batman and Robin - Bruno Oliveira

Batman and Robin - Bruno Oliveira

Bruno Oliveira artwork - online web page here

Panel discusses influence of historical themes in contemporary comics -Daily Bruin

Michael B. Jordan Kept a Killmonger Diary While Filming 'Black Panther' - Hollywood Reporter

Parks, 'Black Panther' propel Disney earnings past TV decline - Reuters

Eiichiro Oda - One Piece

eiichiro oda

Batman and Batgirl

Batman and Batgirl by Chris Burnham

Art by Chris Burnham

May 9, 2018

The Real Superhero Battle Is Still Raging In The DC Universe - Forbes

Batman is Officially The Justice League’s Best Superhero - Screen Rant

Fans Take On Marvel, DC, And The Comic Book Industry’s SJW Self-Destruction - The Federalist

Superhero Bits: Infinity War Could Reach $2 Billion, The Hunt is On for a New ‘Gambit’ Director & More - Slash Film

Superhero Artist

Red Hulk vs She-Hulk - Frank Cho

Red Hulk vs She-Hulk - Frank Cho art


Garry Brown art - Daredevil - Colors by Mike Spicer

Art by Garry Brown

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant by Brian Level

Art by Brian Level


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