Catwoman from Batman 44

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Mahmud Asrar art - Ororo Storm

Wolverine and the X-Men #3, June 2014, page art by Mahmud Asrar

Suicide Squad #15

Suicide Squad 15 Cover by Romita Friend and White

Suicide Squad #15, June 2017, cover by Romita Jr, Friend and White.

Kevlar Vest Girl

Kevlar Vest Girl - Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad #15, June 2017, interior page art by John Romita Jr and Eddie Barrows

Black Lightning

Black Lightning 2018

News April 12, 2018

Comic Book Stores Got MAD Magazine #1 a Week Early, Asked to Hold It - Bleeding Cool

How Comic-Con Came to Rule the Pop Culture World - Howstuffworks

Today's four-day extravaganza, which includes a fifth preview day, bears little resemblance to the original. The focus is now on film screenings, hands-on workshops, games, awards and a costume contest. Movie studios and major corporate sponsors show up to pitch products that may have very little to do with nerd culture. Comic-Con brought in $17.3 million in revenue in 2014 from ticket sales and exhibit space rentals. Not bad for a nonprofit.

Heat Magnet Jim Cornette Comes To Comic Books - Newsarama

What Marvel’s new Fantastic Four comics could mean for MCU - Nerdreactor

John Malkovich's Comic Convention Comedy Supercon Trailer - Newsarama


She Hulk by Mayhew

Art by Michael Mayhew - Mike Mayhew Studio web site

Suicide Squad #38

Suicide Squad 38 Cover

Suicide Sqwuad #38, May 2018, Cover art by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandoro Sanchez

News April 11, 2018

Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee Reportedly Victim To Physical And Psychological Elder Abuse - Comic Book Movie

"Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee Reportedly Victim To Physical And Psychological Elder Abuse A new report reveals that people close to the Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, have allegedly conspired to seize Stan Lee's financial assets, and use his icon status for their own benefits.

Mark Hamill Reveals Why He's No Longer Interested In Returning To The Star Wars Franchise - Comic Book Movie

Joaquin Phoenix on Those Joker Rumors, Marvel Movies, and Comic Book Adaptations - Collider

Batman White Knight #7

Batman White Knight 7

Batman White Knight #7, June 2018, Cover by Sean Murphy

Detail Sean Murphy art the Joker

Superman Wonder Woman 29 - Cover art with Supergirl

Art by Karl Kerschl

Justice Society of America #4

Justice Society of America #4

Justice Society of America #4, July 1991, Cover by Tom Lyle

Source: cgbcomics tumblr

Mary Wilshire cover art Spider-Man Annual 19

Mary Wilshire cover art Spider-Man Annual 19

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, Nov 1985, Art by Mary Wilshire and John Romita

"This is a job for..." Mary Jane

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Sebastian Fiumara art

Art by Sebastian Fiumara - Twitter Page

Fans Concerned for Stan Lee Following Appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con - Comic

Kirby's Female Furies

Mister Miracle spread issue 8 1972 - Jack Kirby - Female Furies

Mister Miracle #8, 1972

‘Bumblebee’ writer Christina Hodson takes over ‘Batgirl’ after Joss Whedon’s exit - New York Daily News

The Highest House

Cover The Highest House - 2 IDW

The Highest House #2, IDW Comics, art by Peter Gross

The Highest House art by Peter Gross

AMAZON: The Highest House #2

Catwoman Wedding Dress

Catwoman from Batman 44

Batman #44

Batman 44 - Catwoman with BatmanCatwoman

Batman #44

Source: Tumblr The-Catwoman

AMAZON: Batman #44 - Catwoman and Batman

News April 9, 2018:

Jimmy Palmiotti Calls on Comic Book Movie and TV Stars to Give Back to Comics with #ILOVECOMICS Hashtag - Bleeding Cool

FX Networks Orders Pilot for Y, Based on the Comic Book Series Y: The Last Man - FX Networks has ordered a pilot for Y based on the acclaimed post-apocalyptic Science fiction comic - Broadway World

Comics Expo attracts tens of thousands to Chicago - Windy City

News April 8, 2018:

Joelle Jones to Write and Draw an Ongoing Catwoman Comic - Bleeding Cool

Captain America: 15 Things Only True Marvel Fans Know About Nomad - Screen Rant

Chad in Amsterdam #1’s Relaxed, Episodic Storytelling Makes for a Strangely Compelling Read - Bleeding Cool

Zoe Saldana Calls Out Hollywood Elitists Who Look Down On Marvel Movies - Comic Book

Catwoman by Joelle Jones

Catwoman #1 by Joelle Jones

Catwoman #1 by Joelle Jones releases from DC Comics July 4

News April 7, 2018

Bleeding Cool Talks to JC Lee About Stan Lee, Ahead of his Return to Comic Shows Today - Bleeding Cool

In the galleries: Comic book artists show new dimensions - Washington Post

How Spider-Man PS4 Will Keep Getting Content Post-Release Without Microtransactions - Screen Rant

Prince Valiant - 1978

Prince Valiant - 1978

Art by Hal Foster


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