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Action COmics 151

Action Comics #151, Sept 1950,Cover art by Wayne Boring with inks by Stan Kaye

Source: More Like A Justice League

Suicide Squad 38 Harley Quinn

News April 6, 2018:

Comic Book Retailers Have Ordered a Million Copies of DC Nation #0 - Bleeding Cool

"This places it at the biggest selling not-giveaway comic of the year. It is only 25 cents though. Many stores will give it away at that price. And as DC Comics points out, there is still time to up orders."

Stan Lee's 'blood was stolen and turned into DNA ink to sign Black Panther and Thor comic books sold at a Las Vegas Marvel store' -

Well, this is something you don't read too often:

"A new report claims Stan Lee's blood was stolen and used as DNA ink to sign several comic books sold at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition and store in Las Vegas..."

Why the ’90s Was the Best Decade for Comic Book Cartoons - Fandom

‘Y: The Last Man’ comic series is getting the adaptation treatment - Hypable

Dredd's Karl Urban to star in Amazon comic book series the boys -

Batman is Now Telltale’s Best Franchise - Geek

Elvira Returns to Comic Books With Her Own Line - Newsarama

Cinemablend is parsing out the Zack Snyder information like potato chips

Zack Snyder Puts Identity Of Dead Robin In Batman V Superman Into Question - Cinemablend

Zack Snyder Reveals Why Batman V Superman's Wayne Manor Is Abandoned - Cinemablend

Tony DeZuniga cover - 1971

All Star Western 6 Cover

All-Star Western #6, June-July 1971, DC Comics

More Tony DeZuniga

League of Comic Geeks Launches Competing Pull List Service Ahead of Diamond’s Pullbox Launch - Bleeding Cool

Marvel Breakout 'Cosmic Ghost Rider' to Get Comic Book Series - Hollywood Reporter

This reminds me somehow of the "updated" Jonah Hex of 1985

Hex #1

Jonah Hex 1 - 1985 Texeira Cover Art

Cover art by Mark Texeira

Justice League Dark - comicbookmovie

"As of right now, it appears as if Justice League Dark is stuck firmly in development hell. The movie lost director Guillermo Del Toro fairly early on and while it appeared as if the project was finally starting to take shape when Doug Liman was hired, he too ended up leaving the DC Comics adaptation due to creative differences.

We Race Ferrari

Web Comic Ferrari - We Race Art

Ferrari web comic - We Race - Ferrari

Very nicely done semi-animated web comic by Scuderia Ferrari. The series also points the way to a possible marketing art boom with other companies tying up their branding with online comic series.

We Race Comic Cover Art

News April 4, 2018:

130 comic artists team up to finish friend's graphic novel after he dies at 43 - Chicago Reader

Babymetal Shred Their Way Into Comic Books - Newsarama

African Superhero Comics are Reaping the Benefits of Black Panther’s Success with Increase In Sales - Atlanta Black Star

LOIS & CLARK: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN Series Cliffhanger Solved 21 Years Later - Newsarama

Kudzu Cave Signal

Marvel Adds All-Star Artists to 'Captain America' - Writer Mark Waid's final installments will feature three artists per issue. - Hollywood Reporter

Alex Ross explains what makes Marvel and DC uniquely different from one another - SYFY

CW Renews All But One Of Its Comic Book Shows - Newsarama

Wonder Woman Black Mace

Dark Knights Metal #6, May 2018, art by Capullo

Batman Beyond #16

Batman Beyond 16 Cover

Batman Beyond #16, March 2018, Cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Below: Art by Phil Hester and inks by Ande Parks

Batman Beyond Phil Hester ArtworkGo on the offensive - Batman Beyond

Black Panther Mask

Black Panther at $1.277 billion worldwide

For Comparison:

    1. Black Panther $1,277,623,549 billion
    2. Maze Runner: The Death Cure - $284,095,232 million
    3. Tomb Raider 2018: $247,115,273 million
    4. Pacific Rim Uprising - $230,936,225 million
    5. Ready Player One: $181,210,325 million
    6. A Wrinkle in Time - $104,561,160 million

List of Top Earning Superhero Movies of all time


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