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News March 23, 2018

Marvel Announces THANOS Graphic Novel (That Led Creator To Quit)

Comic books hidden away since the ’60s going on sale - Columbia Dispatch

Marvel & The Weeknd Reveal Plotline For Issue #1 Of "Starboy" Comic Book

Avengers 4 Writers Tease Captain Marvel's Crazy Power Level In The Upcoming Movie - Comic Book Movie

Joel Julian art

Joel Julian artwork Hulk

Joel Julian artwork Wolverine

Art by Joel Julian - Joel Julian Web Page

Joe Benitez - Poison Ivy

Joe Benitez Poison Ivy 1

Joe Benitez Poison Ivy 2

Joe Benitez Poison Ivy 4

Joe Benitez Poison Ivy 5

Joe Benitez artwork from Detective Comics #823

AMAZON: Batman Detective Comics #823

Sensation Comics #96 - 1950

Sensation Comics 96 - Arthur Peddy Cover

Pick the right one! Arthur Peddy cover art, Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #96, 1950.


Harley Quinn #43

Harley Quinn 43 - Cover art by John Timms

Cover by John Timms

Toxic Avenger

Toxic Avenger - Marvel Age 98 Cover

Source: travisellisor tumblr

Batman Strikes 43 Cover- Harley Quinn

The Batman Strikes #43, May 2008, Cover by Christopher Jones and inks by Terry Beatty

AMAZON: Batman Strikes 43-2008-Harley Quinn cover-Comic Book

News March 22, 2018:

Preview: We spoke out - Comic Books and the Holocaust-

MSU Libraries installs new modern vibe with virtual reality and comic books - State News

Marvel vs. DC: Which comics universe reigns supreme? - The Daily Dot

Meltdown Comics to Close Its Doors After 25 Years - Hollywood Reporter

"And what a wonderfully surreal run it’s been," Dominguez-Letelier added in his letter. "We’ve watched every fad, trend and next big thing come and go while customers became celebrities, children blossomed to adults, geeks morphed into moguls, and fanboys scored Oscars."

Superman Frankenstein

Superman Frankenstein Lois Lane

Art by Doug Mahnke, Superman #13

‘Krypton’ Review: A Compelling Exploration of Superman’s Home Planet - Collider

'Amazing Spider-Man' #798 Variant Cover Raises Money for Children's Health -

Black Panther, Spider-Man, Avengers, More Coming to Disney Parks - Newsarama

Netflix Inks Deal With Image Comics Founder & Deadpool & Youngblood Creator Rob Liefeld For His Extreme Universe - Inside Pulse

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #21 by Karmome Shirahama

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #21 by Karmome Shirahama

AMAZON: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #21

News March 20, 2018:

'Justice League' Comic Book Relaunch Lures Marvel Artist - Hollywood Reporter

Jim Cheung will illustrate the new comic book series alongside Jorge Jimenez. DC Entertainment’s Justice League relaunch is all about the big guns — and not just inside the comic book series. Best-selling writer Scott Snyder will be joined on the June launch by artists Jorge Jimenez and Jim Cheung, who comes to DC after he spent more than a decade at competitor Marvel.

Related: DC Officially Relaunching The 'Justice League' Comic Book - MSN Video Report

Preview of We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust - Flickering Myth

'Krypton' takes off as Superman-themed Syfy prequel -

The Silver Surfer is listed as appearing in 'Avengers: Infinity War' - Yahoo


Art by Howard Porter

Archie #31

Archie 31 Cover by Pete Woods

Cover art by Pete Woods


Batwoman Batwoman art by Javier Fernandez - page from Detective Comics 976

Batwing, Batwoman and Azrael - art by Javier Fernandez - Detective Comics #976

March 19, 2018 News:

'Avengers: Infinity War': Danai Gurira On Okoye's Marvel Comics Changes -

"I’m a researcher, so I did [read comics]," Gurira told members of the press on set of Avengers: Infinity War. "I loved how we – we weren’t – we were doing something different from what you see in the Christopher Priest version versus Mr. Coates’s version, which we tended to pull from more right through to the hair, the style of tattoos and no hair..."

More News:

DC Comics Teams With Library Of Congress To Honour Action Comics #1000 & 80 Years Of Superman & Super-Hero Comic Books - Inside Pulse

Rare comic book collection on the market 52 years later - Canton Rep

Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo? Comic fans are enraged over book cover sold at Kmart after department store made one HUGE mistake - Daily Mail UK

Spider-Man - Wakanda Forever - Terry Dodson

Marvel Comics announce ‘Wakanda Forever!’ - Nerdly UK

Art by Terry Dodson

Detective Comics #976

Detective Comics #976 - Cover art by Eddy Barrows - Eber Ferreira - Adriano Lucas

Detective Comics #976, Early May 2018 - Cover art by Eddy Barrows - Eber Ferreira - Adriano Lucas

"I trusted you Batman. Never again!"

Watch Guillem March draw

Guillem March

Source: Guillem March Instagram


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