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Big Sister Syndrome

Tim Robin and Detective Comics 975Batgirl - Detective Comics 975

Detective Comics #975, April 2018

The Trial of Batwoman

Detail image Trial of Batwoman

Detail image Trial of Batwoman

Detective Comics 975 - Cover by Alvaro Martinez

Detective Comics #975, April 2018, Cover art by Alvaro Martinez and inks by Raul Fernandez

Why is she on trial? Because of Detective Comics #974:

Batwoman - Detective ComicsDetective Comics 974 - Batman breaks Batwomans gun

AMAZON: Detective Comics #975 - The Trial of Batwoman

AMAZON: Detective Comics #974 - Knights Fall

Marvel Tales #149

Marvel Tales  Cover by Bill Everett

Marvel Tales #149, August 1956, Cover by Bill Everett

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn - Art by Pant

Art by Pant - Pant online page here


Remember - No killing, Huntress

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #2. Art by Claire Roe, Roge Antonio, Allen Passalaqua, & Hi-Fi Design

March 13 News:

Titans TV series will introduce second Robin, Jason Todd - Nerdist

Jason Todd is a very significant character in the Batman mythology, and to a lesser extent, that of the Teen Titans. As a character, when he was first introduced he was more or less hated, but he has eventually become a fan favorite. Jason Todd was first introduced in the pages of Batman in 1983, right around the time the now 19 year old Dick Grayson was ditching the Robin identity to become Nightwing

Luke Cage Season 2 Will Be Darker, Mike Colter Tells the Comic Book Men - Bleeding Cool

Rare comic book collection sold to Canal Fulton store - WKYC

Iron Man Gets New Love Interest in Marvel Comic Reboot? - Screen Rant

15 Actors In Awful Superhero Movies Who Saved Their Careers By Playing Different Marvel and DC Characters - Comic Book Movie

The Best Comic Book Movies of All Time - Slash Film

Most of the usual suspects are in the Slash Film lineup, but they failed to include Unbreakable?

Batmobile getting stripped by Jason Todd

Chris Warner Batman and ther Batmobile

Batman #408, June 1987, DC Comics. First appearance of Jason Todd. Art by Ed Hannigan and interior pages by Chris Warner (of Dark Horse fame).

There are mixed statements about who drew the cover for #408 which features a new rendition of Jason Todd who is stripping the Batmobile. Official credit seems to rest with Chris Warner, though Warner (on the website) has disclaimed doing the art.

March 12 News:

Here's what the comics tell us about Avengers: Infinity War's plot

How 'Jessica Jones' Changed My Mind About Comics-based TV - Haaretz

Comics for fans frustrated with the Big Two - Bookriot

Editorial: Why The Shazam Movie Should Embrace The Character's Campiness - Comic Book Movie

Running a Comic Book Store is not childs play at the Laughing Ogre - Columbia Dispatch

"...I was with Wendy’s for 12 years, and it was the best experience ever for running a comic shop because every Wendy’s manager every Monday morning does a (profit and loss report) for their store. You’re taught to lay it out. You know where every penny went.

That's a good advice and a standard for any business that intends to make enough money to pay its way.

Q: You and your partners opened the store in 1994. What are the big differences between the store then and today? A: The floor back then was taken up by back issues because that was the primary difference between going to the newsstand and going to the comic store is you could get old issues. ... We still sell back issues, but they are a significantly smaller part of our business

Incidentally: DC Comics recently closed out its distribution to newstands entirely (see this story at comichron)


Detective Comics #975, April 2018. Art by Alvaro Martinez and inks by Raul Fernandez

Panel Art

A+X #4, March 2013, Marvel Comics. Cover by Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews Cover Art


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