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Iron Man #597

Maleev - Iron Man 597 cover

Iron Man #597, April 2018, cover art by Alex Maleev and Marte Garcia

Iron Man Detail issue 567 Maleev

Page from Iron Man #597, art by Stefano Caselli and Alex Maleev

Caselli and Maleev

Riri Williams

Blondie 1967

Blondie #169 - June 1967


Elfquest "Final Quest"

[Wendy Pini] Comics Pioneers Supported By Elves For 40 Years Finally End Their Journey - Forbes

"Elfquest was an immediate hit. Print runs for subsequent issues touched 20, 30 and 40,000. Before the year was out, Richard was able to quit his job at IBM and dedicate himself to their publishing enterprise, WaRP Graphics (for Wendy and Richard Pini). “I couldn’t believe that we were being supported by elves,” he says."

Worlds' Finest #245

Worlds Finest 245

World's Finest #245, June-July 1977, Cover by Neal Adams

Source: Brevoort History of Comics

March 9, 2017 News:

Who is Cheetah? Kristen Wiig's Wonder Woman 2 villain explained - MSN

Fear the Walking Dead May Have Spoiled Comics Storyline - Screenrant

'Black Panther 2' Has 'A Pretty Solid Direction' Already - complex

Kevin Feige Reveals There Are a Couple of Marvel Characters That Haven't "Come Home" - Comic Book

Namor locked out of the cinematic MCU (and therefore out of the mainstream culture world) left DC and Aquaman with an opening to get there first, and they did so with Justice League (and DC altered Aquaman considerably to make him a more savage and morally ambiguous character - that is, ambiguous when compared to Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. In that way Aquaman became a bit closer to the classic Namor, though certainly not as crazy and destructive. DC also noticeably changed Aquaman's appearance, moving from the yellow-haired guy in a scaley-suit that seemed to also double as both knight's armor and fish scales, into something more indigenous looking, with an array of tattoos that appear to be ceremonial, or even ritualistic.)

"...What many may have forgotten, considering he's such a big part of the MCU, is that Hulk's rights are actually owned by Universal. Marvel and Universal have a deal in place where the Hulk and Bruce Banner can appear in the MCU at any time, no questions asked. However, Marvel isn't allowed to make a standalone Hulk movie. ...The other character that belongs to Universal is one that many have forgotten about: Namor. Unlike Hulk, Universal has a tighter grip on the rights to Namor, similar to how Sony owns Spider-Man..."

Vin Diesel Just Landed Another Comic Book Movie - Cinemablend

"After months of negotiations, Vin Diesel is officially going to work with Sony on the Bloodshot movie. He'll be leading the cast as the title character, also known as Raymond Garrison. The badass hero leads its own comic series by Valiant Comics, and has a variety of abilities that make him a deadly force of nature. The new movie is reportedly going for an R rating....."

"As long as it's Native, we carry it." Red Planet Books & Comics - Santa Fe New Mexican

"Lee Francis IV is good at firsts. In 2015, the publisher started Native Realities Press, the country’s first publishing house devoted exclusively to Native American comics and graphic novels.... Last June, he opened Red Planet Books & Comics, a block off Central Avenue, in the west downtown area of Albuquerque. While there are bookstores devoted to Native American literature, this is the first whose shelves are lined largely with indigenous comics and games. "

DC Confirms Superman is Immortal in New Comic - Screen Rant

Cranking up Superman's powers only feeds the blandness that has plagued the character for decades. Making him more human (and less mythical godly) would help the character considerably. But the current DCU seems to be premised on the idea that the Olympic gods of ancient Greece were sure-fire money makers, and emulating that set-up is another case of a corporation manufacturing a ready-made copyrighted religion (more or less as "the Force" has been corporatized by Disney).

"...Don’t worry about Superman dying of old age, since a new comic confirms the immortal Man of Steel living forever into DC’s future. Well, a few billion more years."

DC Comics pairs Frank Miller with Superman and more in ‘Black Label’ - Polygon

Jim Lee said : "Creating DC Black Label doubles down on our commitment to working with all-star talent and trusting them to tell epic, moving stories that only they can tell with the highest levels of creative freedom." (Source video: Hollywood Reporter)

"...DC Comics’ Black Label, announced through The Hollywood Reporter today, will pair writer Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns) with artist John Romita Jr. (Kickass, All-Star Batman) for Superman: Year One. But that’s not all: Kelly Sue Deconnick (Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet) will team with Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis) for a retelling of the origin of the Amazons. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the team behind Dark Nights: Metal, will tell an equally wild story about Batman carrying the Joker’s head around a post-apocalyptic wasteland."


Joele Jones Selina Art

Selina Kyle wedding dress - art by Joelle Jones


March 8, 2018 News:

Is Warner Bros. Trying To Cast Tom Cruise As An Older, More Experienced Hal Jordan For Green Lantern Corps? - Comic Book Movie

How Chris Samnee Boosted Marvel Comics - Comic Book

Orphan Black is Getting a Comic Book Sequel - TV Overmind

Can You Guess the Most Popular Marvel or DC Superhero in Your State? - Cheat Sheet

Jessica Jones: ‘The Whizzer’ is a Real Marvel Superhero - Screen Rant

Little Nemo


Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland #1 (2014)

March 6, 2018 News:

‘Hellboy’ Creator On How The Reboot Will Be Faithful To The Comics - Heroic Hollywood

'Justice League' Deleted Scene Contains a Big 'Watchmen' Easter Egg - Comic Book

How Marvel Feels About Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Photos Getting Leaked - Cinema Blend

Captain Marvel Movie Adds Another Major Comic Book Character - MSN

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn to take over WWE comic book series - UPI

Black Panther fans can now dine on King T’Challa’s native cuisine thanks to one Marvel comic book writer - Metro UK

5 Forgotten Comic Book Movies Of The 90s - Culture Vulture

Who were Captain America’s Secret Avengers in the comic books? - Bam Smack Pow

Opinion: Comics, graphic novels undervalued as legitimate art form - Daily Reveille

A Complete Guide to Comic Book Movies in 2018 - Consequence of Sound

Gerry Conway: Is comic book publishing a doomed enterprise?

"Since the days I first entered the business in the late 1960s, one of the perennial fears of creators and industry executives has been the imminent collapse of the retail comic book market.

It’s not an unreasonable fear: in fact, in readership numbers, the market has already collapsed. When I started writing comics fifty years ago, the published sales figures for the solo Superman comic was about 600,000 copies a month. Five years later, sales figures had dropped to about 300,000 a month. By the late 1980s, less than 100,000 a month... ...Recent sales of Superman have been in the mid-five figure range... ....From 600,000 to 60,000– if that isn’t a collapse of readership, I don’t know how else to describe it..."

March 5, 2018 News:

Nancy Drew Returns Via Comic Books in June - Hollywood Reporter

Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie Working On Comic For PTSD Anthology - Newsarama

1939 comic book introducing Batman could hit $1M at Hake's Mar. 13-15 auction- Art Daily

The Best Comics We Read in Feb 2018 - Book Riot

Marvel Editor Accused of Politically Discriminating Against Trump Supporters - Bounding Into Comics

15 Actors Who Were Kicked Out Of Superhero Roles - Screen Rant


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