Gerry Talaoc Art - Unknown Soldier

ARCHIVE PAGE 1003 - March 2018

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Suicide Squad 36 - cover - David Yardin

Suicide Squad #36, April 2018, Cover by David Yardin

Interior art Suicide Squad #36 by Eduardo Pansica

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad 36

Wonder Woman #41

Wonder Woman #41 Art by Philip Tan and Rain Beredo

Wonder Woman #41, Art by Fernando Parasin and Mick Gray and Romulo Fajardo

Wonder Woman

March 4, 2018 News:

Comic Store in Your Future: Marvel’s Fresh Start Not So Fresh? - Bleeding Cool

"...Black Panther — once again, millions of people went and saw a movie based on a comic property. The number of new people picking up any of the various Black Panther comics here in store? Zip. Marvel already feels the need to relaunch the title. Along with recently announced new number ones for Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America, Deadpool, Thor, and most likely more to follow. How to damaged sales of current titles? Announce that they are ending..."

More News:

Neil Gaiman and DC Team for 'Sandman Universe' Comic Book Line - Hollywood Reporter

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Comic Book Convo: A World Where Only Black People Have Superpowers - The Shadow League

DC Comics & Jinxworld Spoilers: Writer Brian Michael Bendis Teams With Two Top Artists For Two New Jinxworld Series - Inside Pulse

Christopher Priest Points Out Major Problems In Comic Book Industry - Bounding into Comics

"...Marvel and to a lesser extent DC were typecasting their writers so only certain demographics could write certain stories. The most explicit example of this happened when Marvel put openly racist Gabby Rivera on America. The latest sales data indicates that book only shipped 7,388 issues. What’s interesting is you are really seeing a push for this type of behavior in movies. Most recently, Joss Whedon left DC’s Batgirl film. While Whedon said he didn’t have a story, The Hollywood Reporter believed he was being pushed out in favor of a female director."

Doom Patrol/ JLA Special #1 - Milk Wars

Doom Patrol / JLA Special 1 - Clay Mann

Doom Patrol/ JLA Special #1, April 2018, cover art by Clay Mann

Dale Eaglesham 2 page spread

nual 2018

Doom Patrol/ JLA Special #1, April 2018, art by Dale Eaglesham

Trump cover - Mad #546

Mark Fredrickson Cover art - Mad 546 - President Trump

Mad Magazine #546, August 2017 - Cover by Mark Frederickson

Mark Frederickson online web page


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