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Vanity Fair Marvel Superheroes

Batman #41 - Poison Ivy

Cover art - Poison Ivy in Batman #41 - Art by Mikel Janin

Batman #41, April 2018, DC Comics

Art by Mikel Janin and story by Tom King

New trouble with Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy - Review Batman #41, April 2018

AMAZON: Batman #41 - "Everyone Loves Ivy" Part One - April 2018

News Feb 23, 2018:

‘Black Panther’ May Pass ‘The Avengers’ to Become the Biggest-Ever Comic Book Movie - MSN

"It’s reasonable to expect “Black Panther” to double its 10-day domestic total by the end of its run. At $383 million, that would be $766 million, putting it among the top 25 grossing domestic films of all time. Based on adjusted pricing, that’s bigger than “Jurassic World,” “The Godfather,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Forrest Gump.” It would be a bigger hit than the most successful James Bond, “Goldfinger.” Most of all, that would place “Black Panther” ahead of every single comic-book movie..."

Will This Change How People Buy Comic Books?

"The system, based around new cloud-based software called Pullbox, will allow customers to manage advance orders online, with access to searchable catalogs for upcoming releases and the ability to create shopping lists, wish lists and manage standing orders within the system. Those lists will then synch with the customer’s chosen physical comic shop, which will then have copies of the desired material onhand within a set period."


X-Ray Supergirl

X-Ray Supergirl Figure

Joss Whedon will no longer be working of the Batgirl solo movie

Joss Whedon Exits as ‘Batgirl’ Movie Director - MSN News

Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars

The Valiant Comics page on Harbinger Wars

Adam West Batman Artwork - Comic Ninja

Source: Comic Ninja

Feb 26 News:

"Paranoid secrecy is not a good look for Marvel at this time" - Comics Beat

5 Spider-Man Comics Darker Than Any Batman Story

Zack Snyder Confirmed Superman Fan Theory About Deleted ‘Justice League’ Scene - Comic Book Galaxy

Why Marvel Movies Work Better Than DC’s, According To One Comic Writer - Cinema Blend

17 Characters Who Completely Disappeared From Superhero Shows - Screen Rant

Multiple Warheads

Multiple Warheads - 2 Page Spread by Brandon Graham

Multiple Warheads: Ghost Throne One Shot by Brandon Graham

"For the moment we're still alive and no one is trying to teleport our skeletons out of our bodies."

Multiple Warheads Cover art Ghost Throne - Brandon Graham

AMAZON: Multiple Warheads Ghost Throne One Shot

News Feb 24, 2018:

Forget book snobbery - let's just encourage our kids to read, comics and all - UK Telegraph

“I’m a committed reader myself,” says Alice, “and it’s hugely important to me that my boys – Alex, 8, and Riley, 10 – read a lot. They’re both fluent readers. But for us, all reading is good reading. So we allow them to choose exactly what they like.” For Alex, controversially, that usually means comics. “He loves them,” says his mother. “He will sit with the Beano for ages. He keeps back copies and re-reads them. He likes the annuals, too. He’s much less interested in the novels he brings home from school.”

New Quicksilver Comic Freezes Marvel’s Universe in Time - Screenrant

DC’s Aquaman Will Thrash Wonder Woman And Justice League - Comic Books Galaxy

The Rise of the Black Superhero - Salute

These Black Panther Movie Moments Were Ripped Right Out Of The Comics - Gizmodo

Mike Hammer Gets a New Comic Book Series for Mickey Spillane’s 100th Birthday - bleedingcool

Grandpa T-Challa

Grandpa T-Challa - BLack Panther Annual 1

Black Panther Annual #1, April 2018, Art by Ken Lashley

Black Panther COver art Annual 1 2018

The Mighty Captain Marvel

The Mighty Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel #125, January 2018, Lenticular Homage Variant by Dan Mora - colors by Jesus Aburtov

Feb 28 News:

Neal Adams Suggests That Comic Cons Should Double Bag It - Bleeding Cool

"...There is one thing that would help. As customers and attendees (often they are newbies. They have never been to a comic con.) If they are handed bags at the door… then their natural thought process is going to be, “Oh, this is great. If I buy something I can put it right in here.” If they do not get bags at the door “placed in their hands”, then they think they are taking a tour of the zoo to see the animals, if you know what I mean. They walk around and look and even if they buy something, for the most part, they don’t have a bag to put it in."

Stan Lee Discovers $1.4M Missing From His Bank Account -

10 Best Superhero Comic Book-Based Movies of All Time - Newsarama

Comics 411: How Online Ordering Is Changing The Marketplace

How to draw Comics the Marvel Way - Stan Lee and John Buscema


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