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I miss my Kangeroo

Batman and Wonder Woman - Kangeroo - Batman 40

Batman #40, April 2018, Art by Joelle Jones

Marvel Teases "Fresh Start" for Superhero Comic Book Line - Hollywood Reporter

Feb 21, 2018: Video segment talks about coming restart for the line that has Joe Quesada pledging that whether you've never read a comic book before or are an old fan you'll be able to follow the new stories right from the start.

More News:

Marvel Comics Promises “Fresh Start” With Line-Wide Relaunch This May - Geek

First Look At Superman Villain Brainiac Is Shockingly Close To The Comic Books - Comicbookmovie

DC Comics' "Bombshells" Is Coming to an End -

Black Panther money - Worldwide earnings at $404,000,000

"Box Office Mojo: Disney has revised their three and four-day estimates for Black Panther and as expected the grosses continue to rise with the film now delivering an estimated $201.7 million over the three-day and is expected to surpass $235 million for the four-day weekend. This makes Black Panther only the fifth movie to debut with over $200 million over its opening weekend and the third highest four-day gross in history, passing Jurassic World's $234.1 million four-day gross."

Feb 20, 2018 Comic Book News:

NIGHTWING Director Chris McKay Weighs In On Whether The Hero Will Rock The White Lenses From The Comics - comicbookmovie

Key Comics, Original Art Lead Hake’s Latest Auction - Previews World

Things to Know About Cable Before You Watch Deadpool 2 - Segment Next

Oni’s The Long Con Explores Post-Apocalyptic Comic Con Culture - CBR

Not all comic books are about superheroes. Some are about tasty food. - SBS Com AU

The 25 Comic Books You Need To Read Before You Die - Complex

Toyota Uses 'Black Panther' Movie To Draw Future Lexus Buyers - Forbes

"For Toyota, an automaker striving to break away from its vanilla image as a maker of reliable and unexciting automobiles, the luxury Lexus brand will be offered to a young demographic that can’t yet afford it but may aspire one day to own a Lexus after seeing the movie."

Your Comic Books Are Worthless (And Here’s Why) Are you hoping to make money from buying and selling comic books? You may want to reconsider that plan. - Crave Online

"...Modern comics are easier to obtain in mint condition, but they can’t simply be “collectibles” just because a company or a retailer insists that they are. Very few comics in the last twenty years have become truly valuable. For example, the first printing of The Walking Dead # 1 has greatly increased in value because the TV show has made it even more popular and there were only a few thousand copies of that printing. The subsequent printings of The Walking Dead # 1 are worth far less to the collectors because there are so many of them that it is no longer a rare comic. However, that’s the exception. There are often thousands of copies of the same comic coming out month after month, but there is very rarely a new comic of historical significance that strikes a chord with collectors and fans alike."

Suicide Squad #35

Suicide Squad 35

Art by Eduardo Pansica (pencils) and Julio Ferreira (inks) with color by Adriano Lucas

Swamp Thing Winter Special - Len Wein

Batman and Swamp Thing 2018

Both longtime writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson are given a small send-off by DC Comics with the Swamp Thing Winter Special. Wrightson and Wein both died in 2017 from illness.

Though the main story (and cover) is from writer Tom King and artist Jason Fabok, there is a nearly wordless 21page Len Wein tale "Spring Awakenings!" with art by the Wrightson-ish DC veteran Kelley Jones. There are also a few pages in the rear of the book devoted to memorializing Wein and Wrightson.

Cover by Jason Fabok.

Swamp Thing Winter Special

Feb 18, 2018: Comic Book News:

The Business of Black Comic Books - Black Enterprise

"The unique challenges of the black comic book creator: Despite the availability of digital comic platforms, technology tools for writing and art, and social media for promoting comic books, the uncertainty of bringing home a steady paycheck as well as costs associated with printing and marketing, makes the comic book business a precarious venture. This is especially true for African Americans who don’t often hail from families with the means to support the unsteady financial life of an artist or writer. “In our community, our parents, rightfully so, are concerned about us becoming artists,” says Regine L. Sawyer, owner and founder of Lockett Down Productions which produces the comic books Eating Vampires, Ice Witch, and The Rippers."

Why Are Mint Condition Comic Books So Expensive? - Slate

"In 1938, when Action Comics No. 1 hit the newsstands, very few people thought about collectibility. The comic was just an inexpensive and disposable form of entertainment. Some kids read them until they fell apart. Some lined their birdcages with them. In the 1950s, a corrupt psychologist persuaded people to burn them. Even if kids did treasure them and save them, there was a good chance their mothers would dispose of them while they were away at school or the Army. So very few issues of that comic, or any other comics from that time period, were preserved. Very, very few were preserved properly. Most have frayed spines and yellowed pages. The one that sold on eBay was one of a handful that still looked as good as the day it was printed. That made it very much in demand by collectors."

Feb 16, 2018: Comic Book News:

'Black Panther' Targets $200M+ Four-Day Opening Weekend - Box Office Mojo

"...Disney and Marvel's Black Panther brought in $25.2 million from Thursday night previews, just shy of doubling the $12.7 million brought in by Deadpool. When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it outperformed the $25 million brought in by Captain America: Civil War and is behind only Avengers: Age of Ultron's $27.6 million, making it the second highest preview gross within the franchise."

What Do The ‘Black Panther’ End Credits Scenes Mean For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’? - Uproxx

‘Black Panther’ Spoiler Review: The Spirit of Wakanda, the Body of Marvel - Collider

Wesley Snipes on Blade and Black Panther - Slate

Weekend Box Office: 'Black Panther' Could Devour $200M in U.S Debut - Hollywood Reporter

DC Comics’ newest writer is poised to make Superman Jewish again - JTA Org

Batman issue #200 cover art by Neal Adams

Batman #200

Batman #200, March 1968, DC Comics. Neal Adams cover art.

Neal Adams' beaming cover of Batman and Robin celebrating their longevity seems incongruous in style with the collage behind them, for example Sheldon Moldoff's early 1960s style cover to Batman #156 (bottom-corner left).

Feb 14, 2018: Comic Book News:

The Ten Best Black Panther Comic Books - IGN

Black Comic Books And The Long Journey To Positive Representation - Vibe

'Gritty' Comic Book Adaptation Starring Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in the Works -

Feb 13, 2018: Comic Book News:

Groundbreaking Publisher Lion Forge Comics Forges Diverse Future For Comics - Forbes

"This question of authenticity is becoming a critical issue as the comics business struggles to expand beyond its aging fanbase and tap into the enthusiasm of a generation with much higher expectations in terms of who is represented in popular culture and how those stories are told. In an age where longtime publishers like Marvel endure fan backlash when they try to swap out the mostly straight, white, male faces underneath the masks of their superhero icons, or face charges of tokenism by making a spectacle of “diversity” in a few select cases, Steward and his team have approached the market with a fundamentally different strategy. “We’re not making ‘diversity’ for diversity’s sake,” says Steward. “We’re not forcing heavy issues on readers. But we do want fans who don’t see themselves represented authentically elsewhere to know they can come to us for stories that reflect their reality.”

A Guide to the Live-Action Comic Book TV Shows - comingsoon

'American Gods': Read Part of New Comic Early - Hollywood Reporter

11 Comics From Humble Bundle For a Geek Girl on Galentine’s -

Frogtown answers call for city plans with 125-page comic book -

Why African American Audiences are so Connected to ‘Black Panther’ - slashfilm

‘Black Panther’ Review: Groundbreaking Superhero Movie Is 'a Work of Art' - msn

Marvel's 'Black Panther' becomes most Tweeted movie of 2018 - Chicago Tribune

Imax Black Panther

Imax Black Panther


Bandai Namco Working on Metroid Prime 4, Sources Confirm - comicbook

"Eurogamer's report also reminds us that Bandai Namco's Singapore studio is home to former LucasArts staff who were working on the doomed Star Wars 1313 project, which we were all looking forward to. It's at least nice to know that they're getting to work on something else within the realm of sci-fi, and something that gamers are just as excited about -- or dare I say, more excited about."

‘A different kind of superhero’: Why ‘Black Panther’ will mean so much to so many - Washington Post

"The Black Panther has allowed comic book fans of color to look past the medium’s lack of diversity and take solace in an undeniable fact: He’s simply one of the coolest superheroes around. The rest of the world will probably catch up next Friday, when Marvel Studios releases the hotly anticipated, ecstatically reviewed “Black Panther” movie, which is expected to make at least $120 million over its opening four-day weekend.

“Sometimes the first character of a category is perfect,” said former “Black Panther” comic book writer Reginald Hudlin. “Superman is like that. Batman is like that. Wonder Woman is like that. They are perfect. And Black Panther is like that.”

In 1966, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character to correct the lack of superhero representation — just months before the founding of the Black Panther Party."

Hot Toys’ New Black Panther Figure is Glorious - Comicbook

The Iron Man Spinoff That Almost Happened At Marvel - cinemablend

Putting the Comics Back Into Comic Conventions - Bleeding Cool

Black Panther The Best-Reviewed Comic Book Movie Since 'The Dark Knight' - Forbes

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Changes To Comic Book Origin Story

Harry Potter Goes to College? - Bleeding Cool

Thoughts on Brian Michael Bendis’ Plans for DC - 411 Mania

Rod Serling's original 'Planet of the Apes' script getting turned into a comic book - Screencrush

DC Comics targets middle schoolers with books dealing with ‘difficult, divisive political issues’ - thecollegefix

Black Panther Is Exactly the Movie That Marvel Needs Right Now - Cheat Sheet

Marvel's Black Panther is the superhero America needs - ABC News

"Coogler's Black Panther is oddly wholesome. It's colourful and visually clean, with a real sense of place. It's also filled with the kinds of performances you don't normally see in superhero films."

Made in Black America: Why Black Panther is more than a comic book movie - Little White Lies

Black Panther Coates


Vampironica Cover issue 1

Cover art by Greg Smallwood

DC Comics Changes Free Comic Book Day DC Super Hero Girls Title to All-Ages - Bleeding Cool

DC Comics is making graphic novels for kids, including a book about Superman vs. the Klan - MSN News

Iron Man's Latest run was good for everyone except Iron Man - IGN

Vampironica! Veronica becomes a vampire in new Archie comic - Entertainment Weekly

Matt Baker was a pioneering artist during comic books’ the ‘Golden Age’ - The Grio

DC Unveils Graphic Novel Lines for YA and Middle-Grade Audiences - Hollywood Reporter

Talking to Jimmy Palmiotti About Leaving Harley Quinn - Bleeding Cool


"If there's any evidence to the contrary, that weekly comics provide a sales boost unique to itself and worth disrupting that specific market's flow, now's the time to see it."

The Comics Reporter discussing downward sales trends and "stunts" to boost sales

Michelangelo at the Met

Met Museum - Michelangelo of the Ninja Turtles

Source: Twitter Met Museum

Bendis at DC

Article at Fandom Post

"Bendis is set to debut in the upcoming Action Comics #1000 issue where there are a lot of people involved in it with his first short story there. That hits in April and then in May there’ll be a six-issue weekly Man of Steel series that he’s working on. That, apparently, will lead into a new Superman #1 in July with artist Ivan Reis and then he’ll then he’ll be taking on Action Comics #1000 alongside it, working with Pat Gleason. DC Comics and Bendis also talked about the titles that he was previously published under Marvel’s Icon line known as Jinxworld and that will be set up under DC Comics now."

Old News

Top Selling Comic of 2017 Was the $6 Marvel Legacy #1 - Screenrant

Number Crunching: The top 20 comics sales estimates for December 2017 - Bamsmackpow

Coates hopes ‘Black Panther’ hype transfers to comic book - Idaho Post Register

Folding Fox's Marvel Characters into Disney's MCU - Movies.Com

Infinity Countdown Primes the Pump for Advance Reorders - Bleedingcool

Ant Man and the Wasp - Hasbro Unveils Its Upcoming Range Of Tie-In Action Figures And Masks - Comic Book Movie

Adam Hughes - Star Wars Rebel Heist #2 Cover

Star Wars Princess Leia by Adam Hughes

Princess Leia - Rebel Heist. Art by Adam Hughes

Classic Catwoman

Classic Golden Age Catwoman

Art by Gabriel Hardman, 2010 - Artist web site

Feb 5, 2018 News:

'Batman: Gotham By Gaslight' Gets An Excessive Makeover Onscreen

"...Gotham by Gaslight was the first DC Comics story to be released under the "Elseworlds" brand, signifying a different continuity than the mainline DC universe, and pitted Batman against Jack the Ripper in late 19th-century Gotham City. Like The Killing Joke, it had extremely eye-catching artwork, in this case by Mike Mignola, before his work became quite as stylized as Hellboy. And like The Killing Joke movie, it has been interpreted in the Bruce Timm style, with, yes, an added sex scene, among other things. It's tempting to say the movie version gaslights its audience, except that if they've been paying attention they actually do know what to expect."

How to draw Comics the Marvel Way - Stan Lee and John Buscema


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