Archie and Cheryl Blossom Sharknado

Slice of Italy Pizza - Archie and Betty

Archie Page 2

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Archie Joke Book 24

Archie's Joke Book #24, Sept 1956

Archie #660 Cover and Variant

Archie 660 CoverArchie 660 Betty and Veronica Variant

Cover art by Jeff Shultz, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli and Dan Parent

Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead vs Predator

Archie vs Predator 2015 - More info

Afterlife with Archie #2

Zombie Jughead in Riverdale

Afterlife with Archie cover by Francavilla

More Afterlife with Archie #2

Archie 616 with Obama and Sarah Palin

More President Obama

Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones

More Jughead

Pep #128, July 1958

Pep 128 Cover Archie 1958

Archie Comics

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Betty and Veronica


Pep Comics, May 2011, Dan Parent Cover Betty and Veronica

Afterlife with Archie #2, January 2013, Archie Comics

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica at odds

Pep Comics, May 2011, Jughead and Veronica battle via hot sauce

Archie Summer Splash #1, 2010, Dan Parent Page

Archie Comic Digests of Winter 2012

Archie Comic Christmas Spectacular of Winter 2012

Archie Comics: magazine size Life with Archie, the Obama/Palin issue, etc

Archie USPS stamp - Famous Funnies postal stamp

Archie #265 on the racks

Betty and Veronica #203 on the rack

Archie Comics Digest #261

The Sarah Palin and Barack Obama issue of Archie

Art Baltazar artworkfrom the World of Archie Double Digest #5

World of Archie Double Digest #5 cover

Archie Comics and the End of the Comics Code Authority - 2011

Pep Comics #22, Dec 1941, Cover art by Irv Novick

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DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

How to draw Comics the Marvel Way - Stan Lee and John Buscema

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John Buscema - 2011 - 2002

Trinity #1 - 2016 - Francis Manapul brings together Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne and the American Alien Superman family for a little dinner get together + wild boar

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