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Jack Kirby had ideas for a character to be called The Silver Spider or Spider-Man during the 1950s. His early concept had the super-powered hero gaining his abilities from a magic ring which he found, and he fought criminals armed with a 'web gun.' (There was a character called Spiderman which appeared in 1959 by Kirby's longtime friend and frequent creative partner Joe Simon. Read more about it on the Spider-Man Paternity page).

Head editor at Marvel Comics Stan Lee brought in Steve Ditko to work on the concept, and Ditko overhauled the idea, changing the outfit and using a mask which completely covered the face, which was a rarity in superhero comics at the time. Ditko also developed the peculiar non-heroic personality of Peter Parker. Ditko resisted pressure to alter this to make the character conform to the more usual expectations of comic book superhero personalities of that era. Ditko's battles over this counter-pressure was one of the contributing factors ultimately leading to his quitting the series after issue #38. (Ditko also had complaints about other matters having to do with not receiving writing credits, payment and other matters in his relationship with Stan Lee and Martin Goodman, the owner of Marvel Comics. At the time Ditko quit, Spider-Man was the second biggest selling title at Marvel.

2017 - Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

1962 Introduction of Spider-Man

Jack Kirby Spider-Man 1962 first appearance

Pencils by Jack Kirby and inks by Steve Ditko. Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962, Jack Kirby Spider-Man

Spider-Man Fried Pie Variant

Amazing Spider-Man

Art by Mike del Mundo

Spider-Man and Venom

by Stephen Segovia - Spider-Man and Venom

Art by Stephen Segovia

More Venom

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man issue 2

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson - Art by Mike Mayhew and Omi Remalante Jr

Art by Mike Mayhew and Omi Remalante Jr.

More Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man reboot film being cast

March 2016: Story at Deadline Hollwood:

"Sony and Marvel Studios are beginning to cast up their Spider-Man reboot. I’m told that actress-singer Zendaya has landed a key role in the ensemble they are building around Tom Holland, who’ll play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the film to be directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car)."

Spider-Man Spotted On The 'Civil War' Set

Janaury 2016: Article item at Moviepilot:

"There are conflicting theories as to why we haven't seen much of Holland's Spider-Man so far, the most prolific of which are that his role is either too small to warrant a trailer appearance, or too big to spoil. Frankly, it could be either, but now that our new Spider-Man has been spotted on set we have a little more to go on.

..does this mean — and this is a stretch here — that we could see The Iron Spider come into play as Spider-Man's second suit?"

More Captain America Civil War

"Spider-Man will be unique" - Russo Bros on New Captain America Civil War

Dec 2015: Article at Iniqusitr

“It was very important to us that we go young with the character because what we love about Spider-Man is that he’s still a high school student. That’s part of his vulnerability and it’s what makes him special in the Marvel Universe; he’s very unique. We wanted to play to that aspect of the character.

“What’s the texture of his life like, what’s the texture of his relationship with his aunt who lives with him? How can we make the relationship and character very contemporary? That’s our goal with the character.”

Other coverage at Techno Buffalo:

"Captain America: Civil War – Spider-Man’s costume will feature “a little twist”

Does that means we’ll see Spider-Man don his famous Iron Spider suit everyone knows and loves? Not exactly. We had actually heard a rumor from August saying the character would wear two different costumes throughout the movie: one that looks more homemade, and one that’s provided to him by Iron Man."

Spider-Man by Daniele Bigliardo

Art by Daniele Bigliardo


Carnage #3

Carnage #3 - 2015 - pencil - ink by Mike Perkins color by Andy Troy

Art by Mike Perkins

‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Mentored by Robert Downey Jr.

Article at examiner.com

"Tom Holland will make his debut as Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ next year, and while his character made no appearance in the trailer released this past week, the 19-year-old is looking forward to unveiling his superhero suit. Holland expressed his excitement over playing the web-slinger and admits in a new interview that he has a number of Spider-Man costumes from his childhood."

Michael Cho art - feb Marvel - Spider-Man

Art by Michael Cho

John Romita Sr. Cover, 1969

Spider-Man 74 Cover Romita

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2017 - Spider-Man Homecoming

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man II Movie 2014

Amazing Spider-Man II - "Yellow" Poster

Spider-Man Comic Books

Spider-Man III - 2007 Sam Raimi film

Venom and Sinister Six Movies coming from Sony

Amazing Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield Entertainment Weekly Cover

Spider-Man Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #86, July 1970, Black Widow

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, Nov 1985, Mary Wilshire and John Romita cover

Journey into Mystery #648, March 2013, Jeff Dekal artwork

Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962, Jack Kirby - First Spider-Man

The Man Called Nova #12, Aug 1977, John Buscema Cover Spider-Man

Spider-Man Misc

Spiderman the Stage Play


Spiderman Reboot Magazine Rack

Spiderman Street Art - Crack in the wall

You two, fight to the Death! - Spiderman and DC Comics

Spiderman 686 and DC Nation #1 together (Barnes and Noble mag rack photo)

On the Racks: Spiderman reboot Geek vs Christian Bale Dark Knight Batman

Spider-Man - Hamburger Protection Services (Photo)

Spider Man Paternity

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman