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‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Mentored by Robert Downey Jr.

Article at examiner.com

"Tom Holland will make his debut as Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ next year, and while his character made no appearance in the trailer released this past week, the 19-year-old is looking forward to unveiling his superhero suit. Holland expressed his excitement over playing the web-slinger and admits in a new interview that he has a number of Spider-Man costumes from his childhood."


Ren and Stimpy Show #6, May 1993

Source - Comic Book Vault

John Romita Sr. Cover, 1969

Spider-Man 74 Cover Romita

Death of Captain America 4

Death of Captain America 4

Death of Captain America 4 Spread

From The Death of Captain America #4

Spider Ma'am

Spider Ma'am - Aunt May

Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic - Secret Wars

Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic Art by Esad Ribic

Art by Esad Ribic

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2017 - Spider-Man Homecoming

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man II Movie 2014

Amazing Spider-Man II - "Yellow" Poster

Spider-Man Comic Books

Spider-Man III - 2007 Sam Raimi film

Venom and Sinister Six Movies coming from Sony

Amazing Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield Entertainment Weekly Cover

Spider-Man Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #86, July 1970, Black Widow

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, Nov 1985, Mary Wilshire and John Romita cover

Journey into Mystery #648, March 2013, Jeff Dekal artwork

Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962, Jack Kirby - First Spider-Man

The Man Called Nova #12, Aug 1977, John Buscema Cover Spider-Man

Spider-Man Misc

Spiderman the Stage Play


Spiderman Reboot Magazine Rack

Spiderman Street Art - Crack in the wall

You two, fight to the Death! - Spiderman and DC Comics

Spiderman 686 and DC Nation #1 together (Barnes and Noble mag rack photo)

On the Racks: Spiderman reboot Geek vs Christian Bale Dark Knight Batman

Spider-Man - Hamburger Protection Services (Photo)

Spider Man Paternity

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