Alex Nino art - 1973 House of Secrets issue 109

Alex Nino

International Comic Book Artist

Veteran comic book artist from the Philippines. His art has appeared in DC Comics, Marvel, Warren, Dark Horse and Heavy Metal magazine (and in various comic books of the Philippines). With an easy to recognize style, Nino is a favorite among professional artists and in Bronze era fans, too. His design work has also appeared in films, including Disney's Atlantis Lost Empire (2001).

Conan - Alex Nino Artwork

Alex Nino - Weird War Tales 13

Weird War Tales art by Alex Nino

Alex Nino artwork - Weird War Tales 13

Alex Nino

Weird War Tales #13, April 1972, Alex Nino - Old Samurai Splash Page

Weird War Tales #13, April 1972, Alex Nino - Page 2

1973 Alex Nino

Bedlam Detail art - Alex Nino 1973

Alex Nino artwork from Secrets of Sinister House #11, April 1973.

Splash Page Art - Alex Nino 1973

Nino produced imaginative story logos and had a certain kind of psychedelic distortion to his artwork. Nino was a stalwart contributor at DC Comics for several years, appearing in the various DC Mystery books, Weird War Tales, and filling in on various other titles. Nino graduated to doing a lot of work for Marvel Comics, particularly special stories for Conan the Barbarian "People of the Dark" and "Lions of Corinthia".

Alex Nino Bedlam Page 1Bedlam artwork 1973 - Alex Nino art

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