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The Batmobiles of Batman

Batman's Ride

"A black thunderbolt on wheels, a swift nemesis to lawbreakers, a mighty machine of justice... that's the batmobile!" - from Batman #98, March 1956

The famed Batmobile automobile - though redesigned multiple times throughout the pop culture world of Batman comics, movies and extraneous visual media, the Adam West TV Show Batmobile remains the most recognized version, with the Anton Furst/Tim Burton version and the Chris Nolan Tumbler close behind.

George Barris - creator of original Batmobile, has died

George Barris

November 7, 2015: Photo source: Protothema "The 89-year-old became ill on Sunday and died within days on Thursday morning, aged 89, just days before his 90th birthday."

More coverage:

George Barris, Car Artist, Dies at 89 - NY Times

"Mr. Barris, a veteran of the body shops of Sacramento and Los Angeles, was a towering figure in the Southern California subculture of customizers and hot-rodders, known both for the sophistication of his design work and his flair for self-promotion."

Customizing king George Barris dies at 89 - autoblog

"The Batmobile is certainly Barris' most well-known creation, and he sold the iconic car at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $4.62 million in 2013. Barris Kustoms also produced famous vehicles for a host of shows like The Munsters and even versions of KITT from Knight Rider."

TV Batmobile custom creator George Barris dies peacefully in Los Angeles home - Examiner

"Barris, sometime known as the “King of Kustoms” acknowledged often that the single most significant car he designed was a 1955 sedan he purchased for one dollar. He customized it into the first Batmobile for the 1960’s “Batman” TV series in just two weeks. In 2013 this Batmobile was sold at an auction for $4.6 million. "

Lego Batman V Superman Playset

Lego Batman V Superman

Alex Ross - Classic Batmobile

Batmobile by Alex Ross

More Alex Ross artwork

New Batmobile for Batman V Superman

Zach Snyder Batmobile

Sept 11, 2014: Zach Snyder released this photo of the new Batmobile design for the 2016 Batman V Superman film coming from Warner Bros.

More Batman V Superman

The Tumbler from the Dark Knight

Batmobile Tumbler

View the Tumbler Batmobile enlarged

More Batman Begins

Batman and Batgirl by Greg Baldwin, color by puzzlepalette

Batmobile from Batman Black and White

Batmobile from Batman Black and White #5, art by Paolo RiveraBatmobile from Batman Black and White #5, art by Paolo RiveraBatmobile from Batman Black and White #5, art by Paolo Rivera

Batmobile from Batman Black and White #5, March 2004, art by Paolo Rivera

It's Just a Car

Greg Capullo's 'Batmobile' from Batman #25, Jan 2014, DC Comics

Batman issue 24 - Batmobile by Capullo

See the sequence from Batman #25

A "Tumbler" from the Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Dark Knight Rises Tumbler

Original TV-Show Batmobile sells for $4.2 million

Feb 2013: Custom-built from a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, the Adam West-Burt Ward Batmobile set records for the auction house of Barrett-Jackson in Scottdale, Arizona.

Auto-Weeks Website has photos and more info.

Batmobile Design Contest Winner

The Car Design Fetish web site had a Batmobile design contest recently, with a number of good looking designs submitted to the competition.

"Honorable Mention" design winner by Leonardo Magana [image below]

Batmobile Car Design

Contest with images of other entries at cardesignfetish

Mick McMahon, Batman "Fat City" 2007

Batmobile Batman

Art from "Fat City" in Batman Black and White Volume 3, 2007 DC Comics. See entire page enlarged here.

Batmobile Book with specs and blueprints

The "Tumbler" Batmobile from Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008)

Batmobile Tumbler

Batcar Batman

Click to enlarged Batmobile Images

[Below: DC Comics - Detective Comics #40, June 1940. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson artwork.]Batmobile 1940

For a further reading of the Batmobile as a vehicle, see the Car and Driver article that pits various famous movie cars against each other (TV-show Batmobile comes in first, though with caveats). Article has many photo, too. Click to follow link from screenshot.

Batmobile vs Mad Max

This was funny (From the same car and driver article):
Batmobile Wins

[Below: DC Comics - Batman #5, Spring 1941. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson artwork.]
Batmobile 1941

1989 Batmobile

[Below: The Batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movies. Designed by Anton Furst.]
Batmobile Tim Burton

Batmobile from Batman 1989

Batman 1989 movie - Tim Burton - Michael Keaton

See these additional Batmobile images, extra-large page

TV Animated series Batmobile

1992 Animated Batmobile

See larger image of this on the large Batmobile page

Batmobile getting stripped by Jason Todd

Chris Warner Batman and ther Batmobile

Tech Radar Batmobile Tumbler 2013: Detailed article on the construction of the Tumbler Batmobiles for the Nolan films at Tech Radar

More wrong Batmobile designs: Batmobile Design #34,007

More craziness: The Batmobile #429

Batmobiles of Batman

Adam West TV Show

Anton Furst/Tim Burton Batmobile

The Batmobile Legal Case

Wonder Woman and Batman together

Batman's Greatest Failure

Batman and Jason

Billion Dollar Batman

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